Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


Six was the most simultaneous.
I’ll be about Thursday too.


Really hope the next time it doesn’t split.


Yeah me too, I didn’t enjoy having my arse handed to me by sheeldz!




Really hoping that whenever there is a next Nintendo Direct, they announce more tracks and character DLC for MK8. I simply cannot justify currently spending £50 on that game, given I poured 100 hours into it on Wii U and it’s identical.

BUT I’d love an excuse to revisit it.


I love Splatoon so much. Think it’s the most interesting Nintendo IP in two decades.




Can’t say I’m desperate for 1080 or Wave Race. Could be good though


I could really do with another arcadey snowboarding game


Can’t believe SSX3 hasn’t had a HD remaster yet


They’re now fully trolling those waiting for the Direct announcement.


Just downloading Thimbleweed Park, didn’t realise it was on the Switch. Love Ron Gilbert so looking forward to it!


It’s great. Amazing final few hours. Superb hint system too if you get stuck. Which I sure did.


The quality of it is so much higher than pretty much any other point and click adventure that I recall playing.


Nintendo after all this poustering and trolling there better be some fucking ridiculous anouncements coming


By the way yes that is Chibi Robo

An obscure mascot from the Gamecube era who featured in a quirky puzzle platformer which has garnered quite the cult following


I would love a new Chibi Robot game but I doubt that’s what theyre hinting at.


Then why the fuck put up a massive picture of a modern higher def chibi :frowning:


Smash HD?


Lol I thought they were doing it cos people were pestering them on twitter. It could look that good cos its promotional image from Smash wiiu or 3ds Chibi.