Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread




Apparently they are targetting selling 20 million Switches this year. Those sales projections pretty much guarantee that Pokemon is coming out this year (don’t think any other Nintendo IP could carry that), though idk if this announcement will have anything on it


I think the estimated sales is based on the established library, easier availability and just increased faith among the gaming audience.


Given the Xbox One has sold like 25m, you’d think they’d need something big to maintain those numbers. Will (un)happily be proved wrong


And the PS4 has sold 73million… they’re in direct competition with one another, not so much the case for Ninty.


Nintendo NY tweeted this

Some weird twitter moves from Nintendo today.
Was that an amiibo outfit in Smash 4?




A few big official developer/game accounts have replied to that tweet. Including Assassin’s Creed…hmmm.


@vamos Did you guys play on casual or hard? I’ve played a lot of point and click adventures so was thinking of starting on hard.


I haven’t actually played it myself. Watched someone’s playthrough on YouTube while working last year. I’d go hard though - don’t recall anything being that obtuse, and as @Vamos says, there’s always the hint line.


Bought Zelda innit. Looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about…


Don’t remember getting a choice to be honest! But I always choose the harder setting usually, so I probably went with that…?


I found it way too hard and cheated my way through most of the game. Used to love point and clicks as a teenager but don’t have the patience for them in my old age !


@colinzealuk played the first couple of hours last night on hard. Seems really great so far, just like a classic SCUMMTM game! Found the voice acting a bit irritating so turned it off. I think that’s probably just because I’m used to reading these types of games and enjoy making up silly voices in my head :grinning:


Loved 1080 on the N64, be interesting to see what the game would be line now, maybe open world?
Steep is also meant to be coming to the switch at some point.

My parents used to send me and my brother to bed so they could play 1080 and goldeneye.


Can we do predictions then for this non-existant Direct?

  • Super Smash Bros. for Switch (MK8DX style update of the one for the Wii U.)
  • Mario Party 11
  • Virtual Console announced, includes Gamecube and Wii games
  • HD remasters of those games ported to the Nvidia Shield.
  • Teaser for the new Pokémon game

Third party stuff:

  • GTAV release, missing the GTA Online stuff
  • EA announces Mass Effect remasters for it (and for the other consoles at a later date)


I just really want Smash and VC.

While I’m trying not to get too swept up in the hype (that Resetera thread was demented), if Nintendo aim to sell 20m additional units in the next financial year, then realistically the only IP that can take them there is Pokemon coming in that window.

But I think we will just see release dates for Kirby, Yoshi and Fire Emblem and the internet will collapse in disappointment.


Massive claim from Kotaku, so maybe scratch my previous post…

" According to multiple sources, both in development and retail, in the next few hours Nintendo will announce a Nintendo Direct Mini to air shortly afterwards showing 2018 software for Switch. As part of this Nintendo Direct, Dark Souls Remastered will be revealed, updating the original game to be playable portably for the first time. Our sources say this is the closing announcement of the direct."


I am predicting NOTHING. Then I won’t be disappointed :slight_smile: