Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


Oh please let this be true!


It’s why Chibi Robo is doing the same pose upthread. :sunglasses:


Exactly this. Don’t even think there will be a direct.
Maybe a new amiibo or something :laughing:


I’d suggest Pokemon for Q4, which means we probably won’t hear about it until May/June.


Sounds reasonable to me. Though I do hope it isn’t rushed out to boost figures in that period.


This sounds like a clever plan to boost Switch sales by ensuring loads of them are smashed in fits of frustrated rage.


I just wish they’d hurry up and announce the Direct at this point.
If there is one though I’d love a new Mario Party and Pikmin 4.


I think that the reason VC games haven’t appeared on the eshop so far is because Nintendo want to make them exclusive to this subscription service they’re meant to be rolling out later on this year.

Nintendo’s strategy of holding pretty much all of their games to their chest until not too long before release is brilliant. No-one really has any idea what’s happening for this Direct or, frankly, this year as a whole.


I think there may have been a fair bit of deliberately leaving a void suitable for the indies to fill; as good as VC is, I think I prefer what we have instead at the moment.


I think you should all temper your excitement a bit guys. For starters, no real sign that it is happening today. And even if it is, only one Direct EVER announced anything too major.

Not saying it’s highly unlikely, but it’ll be more info on what we already know and some imminent ports. Nintendo always focus on the near future, rather than long term, so don’t hold out for games like Pokemon or Metroid or else, like I have been for the past 6 years, you’ll end up disappointed when it’s another version of the 2DS, 3 new amiibo and a new smartphone game.


Fortunately, I think the New 2DS XL is the final evolution.


Definitely this. Criticism of Nintendo always comes back to their own games selling loads, whereas third parties go unloved. Reckon they gave them some space to do well.

Still can’t decide on the VC thing. Part of the online service to drag them into a new era? Netflix-esque service? Individual downloads?

More money in the latter you’d imagine for them, plus I don’t care for some of their back catalogue so could just buy the ones I like. Time will tell…

It’ll arrive in SOME form at SOME point. They’re sitting on a goldmine and they know it.


Leaving aside the 3rd party debate for a moment, I’d say this at say £4.99/£5.99 a month would probably make more; In the 10+ years of VC existing, I’ve only bought maybe 8 games from it, across all the consoles it was supported on. This, I would almost certainly subscribe to in perpetuity.


Having not had a Nintendo console since the Gamecube, I just assumed this was what the Virtual Console was. An app where you streamed the games/downloaded them temporarily for offline play. The name is very misleading


Wish something official would just happen. The whole internet is trolling now.
As Vamos says I think it will likely be dates for games we already know about and possibly a few 3rd party and indie reveals to keep them onside. At most we’ll get a tease or trailer of a 1st party game coming later in the year.

N.B. Of course if they want to blow my mind and exceed all expectations they are welcome to.




Games galore!




Hyrule Warriors - Definitive Edition, Mario Tennis :sunglasses:


They announced dark souls didn’t they