Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


I want my next break so I can watch




Is that the game @PocketMouse loved on DS?


I dont know. It’s an amazing game though and Im excited for this.


Mario Tennis and balloon world mode for Odyssey are the things I am excited about from that video.

Dark Souls looks like I’d probably hate it.


Tropical Freeze fans should be happy :grinning:


I’m really pleased with all that.
Haven’t played a DK game since the SNES and I always enjoy Mario Sports games.
Don’t know much about TWEWY but looks interesting.




Pretty good showing.

Are the recent DKC games any good? If so it’s a first day purchase. Also, Mario Odyssey DLC! THAT’S FUCKING FREE!


Pretty sure @Vamos is a fan.


Any indication of a new Advance Wars?

Probably my favourite handheld series ever, reckon it would be perfect for the switch. Turn-based, could be really good online.


Aye its very good.


Nope but you might want to have a look at Wargroove which is coming soon. Same thing essentially.


V happy about Dark Souls and Tropical Freeze :slight_smile:


Utterly adored the first three. Seriously. I got a RetroPie literally only to play them. So that is a huge win for me!


Not heard any rumours and hasn’t been a game in the series for a decade. And the console versions weren’t that great. Wouldn’t rule it out but wouldn’t expect it any time soon either


Actually impressed with how much they’ve got into a 15 minute video. Nothing I consider a must have, but plenty that I’d consider.

Amongst others, Mario Tennis looks like the best Mario Sports title in a long time and I’ve been thinking about trying Hyrule warriors since it launched.




What’s left in the Wii U remaster pile after this?

Smash, 3D world, Captain Toad? Maybe Pikmin?


It’s my favourite game but I was googling the possibility of it being released only recently and everything said no chance so this is amazing!