Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


Would think Pikmin 4 is more likely. A Captain Toad game would be ace.

Mario Maker is probably the most obvious one you’ve missed. Not my thing, but it was very popular.


Mario Maker and Xenoblade X maybe.


I’m intrigued! Having heard nothing about it before and barely grasping what the trailer shows either.


Fairly sure there’ll be a new Smash and a new Pikmin


I’d say we’ve got until about Q3 for a Smash remaster, otherwise it’ll be a new one.


And a new scenario included!


I think they should bundle Captain Toad an Mario 3d world. Same engine and related after all.
I think the others will get proper sequels at this point (though Smash might be a deluxe version).
On a side note: They’re really gonna kill Fire Emblem Warriors sales with Hyrule Warrious Deluxe eh?


I believe the reason they name the last Smash Bros the way the did was so they could do a Switch version without having to be a big sequel, right?

They must have known the Switch was in developmetn and the Wii U was dying.



That’s a superb cap/haircut combo.



It was because it was released across both 3DS and Wii U, but with smallish differences between each one in roster/stages.



A heartwarming read.


Everyone’s a comedian now


Looks like Nintendo maintaining the momentum of 1 higher profile game per month. Good stuff. Especially if you aren’t one of the 3 people who own a Wii u


I’m one of those 3 people and I’d be tempted by Hyrule Warriors again. The dlc was very expensive and there was an awful lot of it so all that in one place is a treat. Glad they’ve done a new Mario Tennis though, the WiiU one was shite.
Never played Dark Souls but I know a lot of the folks on here love it so I’m interested.


Also it has a story mode
.Which hopefully means waluigi hijink!


Loved this on the DS!


Same here.Brilliant game.
First time I went to Tokyo they had a gatchapon machine at Square Enixs’ Artnia cafe of all the badges from TWEWY so obviously I was a massive manchild and bought a bunch of them!


That cafe looks ace! I’m going to Tokyo later in the year and definitely looking to do some video game based tourism if you have any other recommendations?