Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


You’ll love it. I was back just before xmas. Off the top of my head here’s some of the videogame/anime stuff - Akihabara for sure. Check our Super Potato. The arcades. Gatachapon Kaikan. Final Fantasy 11 restaurant. New Square Enix cafe.Go to Odaiba and see the new Gundam and Gundam Docks and you can do Mario Karting around Odaiba island in full costume. Godzilla Street/Samurai Museum/VR Arcade/Artnia/Capcom Cafe in Shinjuku. Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. J-world in Ikebukuro. Theres loads more that im missing. It’s fucking excellent!


Some great stuff to look into there, thanks! I’m going for work so will probably only have a couple of days to explore unfortunately.


“Going for work” - okay what game are YOU pitching to Miyamoto?

Most things stay open to a good time at night so you should okay even on the days you’re working. The JR lines are frequent and efficient and short trips so you’ll be able to get most places in less than 20 minutes or so.
Also if you play TWEWY or Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and then go to Shibuya you will go a bit crazy as it’s like walking around the game you just played.


I’m quite up for trying to find some of the locations from Persona 5 :grinning:


I wasn’t a huge fan of DKCR on Wii. Looked nice, but the motion controls made sections literally unplayable due to the input lag, and I say that as someone who generally thinks motion controls, when done well like in Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy and Goldeneye, are the best way of playing games.

Tropical Freeze however blew my mind. I’ve no other reference point in the series as I never owned a SNES, but it’s made by Retro Studios (Metroid Prime series, MK7) and a wonderful game. Every level is gorgeous and full of stuff. It shows that the age old myth of 2D platformers needing to look basic to work is total bollocks. The music is some of the best ever recorded. And the levels’ tell a narrative as you play them, as this awesome video shows:

The 4 different characters mean you can tackle levels in different ways too, so you can try a new way of playing a level if you’re struggling. The new surfboard look is obviously an easy mode option, something I totally get them including, as it’s a fucking tough game. Like, brutally hard in places. I consider beating it as one of my finest gaming hours, and that’s without even finding whole worlds, secret levels and god knows how many secrets.

in case I haven’t made it clear, you should all be VERY excited about this if you haven’t played it. It flew under the radar on Wii U as some people felt burned or burned out by DKCR coming out so soon before this one, but it’s a delightful game and one I’m so glad will find a new audience.


Cool, nice little showing there. Odyssey DLC looks mint, I’m excited about a Mario Tennis RPG thingy and I’ve heard legendary things about World ends with you.



I get to finally play that and beat it without my fucking console bricking itself. Nice…

Not sure why they didn’t show a few cool looking imminent indies or Bayonetta 1&2, but hey ho.


Captain Toad seems a no brainer. Mario 3D World too.

Xenoblade X could work. Yoshi’s Woolly World probably won’t get one if there is a similar looking new one coming.

Pikmin 3 works so well with the stylus and motion controls, I can’t see it transferring over too well. Similarly Mario Maker, unless you use the handheld mode to create levels and the docked mode to play them and Starfox Zero seem untransferable.

Reckon Platinum’s overlooked Wonderful 101 could find a new audience.


Funky Kong is very:


Note: Funky died on the way on the way back to his home planet.


Anyone for Mario Kart?


Not tonight for me, I’m sweepy

Cant wait for people to realize that I changed the room to open pretty much all week with a short reset period to reset scores a few months ago. It’ll blow their minds!


I think we should have started a separate thread at some point. Can get lost in the mix here.


It were never popular enough before! Also what happened to the rocket league thread hmmmmm! :smiley:

I tried to start a discord room a while back so people could ask for games whenever as well as use it for voice/text chat but it didn’t take off (I don’t think many people know what discord is)


It’s the next chord after you play datchord right?


Basically it’s an app u can put on your pc/mobile and it’s instant messanger program that I can create subrooms for certain games and people can go ANYONE WANT TO PLAY x and people wll get a notification for the rooms they’re following. BUT NOOO we cant have good things :’(


There’s the room. I’ve added sub categories.


I’d play MK


Might join in a bit if I can


People say that there aren’t many Wii U owners, and that’s a bit of an urban myth really; one time we all met up for a coffee, and had to push THREE tables together in Costa so we could all sit round. Anyway we all loved Tropical Freeze a lot, and would recommend you all play it.

Mario Tennis Aces looks sick af, that’s an instant sell for me. Love the look of Fe and Celeste, will definitely be getting those.


Letsa go!