Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


There will be a Nindies showcase soon I reckon.


Turned out we had to talk to each other though because the tablets didn’t work away from the main unit.


YES, maybe?


The Rocket League thread was bumped by me today! :smiley:

It’s full of fucking PS4 sausages mind.




What? No? I can’t afford a console argh :frowning:

Might start replaying this weekend - haven’t for at least a year.


Thought so - hopefully things come down in cost and you can afford it at some point, even if it’s not when it launches.


Should I be excited about dark souls?


No, there is a reason we banned Dark Souls chat in the main gaming thread. Don’t make me do it again!


Some people really don’t like it? I was mainly down to see what the fuss is about. I played it for like 2 minutes on a friend’s Xbox, died 3 times then passed the controller back


So, my game buying future looks like this:

Splatoon 2
Kirby: Star Allies
Mario Tennis Ace
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Oh maaaaaan. So glad I got a Switch. And we still have E3!


My experience was a bit like yours. I tried it a few times but could barely get more than a few feet without dying. I know that’s the point and it’s rewarding to make progress and that, but I have relatively limited gaming time these days so can’t really afford to spend 15 hours learning how to kill a single boss…


Tell you what, as jolly as that line up is for those people who never owned a Wii U, IF you did, then the release schedule is a bit barren until May. If someone could sneak out a big third party port in say, March, they’d clean up.


I’m going to get mario tennis and donkey Kong

Re the Rocket league - I still don’t really understand how to play with DISers - do we all have to go in a room like with Mario Kart?


No, not always. If you have a few online, you can press + on the main menu and it brings up who is online with the game. Add them to a party (up to 4 players) and then as a team you go around the game playing against others.

That only works (for now) with Switchers. If you want cross play with Xbox and PC players you need to create a Private Match with a name and password and hand it out. The party thing will be coming this year I believe - the Switch system for parties is their new way of doing it, and the Xbox/PC users will get that updated to that soon I believe.


That’s true. I do feel that, after a stellar first year with a lot of great first party games, porting DKC and a few DLC updates until Mario Tennis hits seems a bit… weak if you’re a Wii U owner. There’s loads out there still mind you.

But for me, like many, having skipped the Wii U all these ports are astonishingly good news. I’d expect that in the middle of the year at E3 there will be a few massive announcements.


I’m going to spoiler everything below at the risk of incurring ire and wrath…

Yes. Yes you should. I totally get people who don’t like Dark Souls, because initially it was me. My first attempt at DS1 I HATED it, couldn’t see the point and was shaking my head in disbelief at my ATD who raved about it.
But. He was so insistent that I give it another go… so I did. It’s the best game I’ve ever played. Full stop. It’s not just the difficulty thing making it rewarding to play (although that certainly is a factor)
it is so well designed with every area adding something to the overall world-building. It also creates mood better than any other game I’ve played. It’s a very hard (in many ways) game to get into,
but once you are into it you’ll never look back. It’s the best game ever made.


Presume that Octopath Traveler is still coming out


Well it’s still a LOT better than during the back end of the Wii and all the Wii U era. Hopefully they truly just develop for one console going forward too, which should mean less barren spells.

The last few years have meant I’m used to Direct’s featuring a bunch of pervy Japanese games I’ll never bother with and a couple of official Nintendo titles I’m not interested in for months, until all the reviews go “OMG this is amazing!” (See: Captain Toad, ARMS, Wii Sports Resort, Pikmin 3, etc).

But the only major difference between now and two years back is the occasional good looking big third party title. Having DOOM, Skyrim and Dark Souls scattered throughout the release schedule makes such a huge difference. Also, finding reasons to keep returning to Mario and Splatoon 2 helps a great deal too.


After a month or so away from Mario, I went back last night and found another 25 moons without having to work for them. Man, I love that game so much.