Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


I have no interest in Mario Tennis so there’s not much for me before DK in May. Not that much of an issue as I have plenty to keep me going left over from 2017. Still ploughing through Skyrim (75 hours now!), haven’t opened Rocket League yet, Zelda DLC and Doom.


I’m 15 hours into Skyrim and also loving it. I’ve been mostly dicking around, need to go speak to the Greybeards but got sidetracked. Just bought a house in Whiterun. I’ve got a long flight next month so looking forward to taking it on the plane (like the guy in the Switch reveal trailer).

Might finish it in time for Dark Souls but I’ve got Zelda DLC, Thimbleweed Park, Odyssey to go back to… too many games, not enough time. :weary:


This is the thing - there’s a really good range of stuff that suits pretty much everyone at the moment, and actually quite a lot of it too, so a fallow patch of a couple of months isn’t an issue (yet!).


I’m playing Skyrim more intensely now then I was at the start, when you’re deep in to it you can really focus in on the mechanics that interest you. I’m all about smithing and enchanting my gear and fucking people up at distance with my bow.

The quests are so great, I’m alternating town quests (loved Markath’s) with the group quests (have completed the companions and the college of winterhold).

My advice is to make sure you remember to level up an ability with a trainer five times at every level. Get’s your level up really quickly.


ah makes sense - thanks @sheeldz


Skill training with a companion (small ‘c’) is great because you can then just ask to trade some things with them and take your money straight back.


Just started Chapter 4 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Enjoying the combat loads more and the music and world design, as is standard for Monolith Soft is astounding. I find it’s a good train game though the giant boobs make it a bit embarrassing to play publicly at times…


Also, apparently, every single Direct Mini has been shortly followed by a Direct, so there could be some surprises yet to come


It’s flipping great isnt it. On chapter 6 here. Getting stuck into a bunch of sidequests too. Dyou know whats really satisfying - leveling up and going back to take on one of the named unique monsters that destroyed you previously.
Also worked out how to become a millionaire (only in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sadly)in short order if you’d like the deets.


Ooh yes please!


I really hope this comes to Switch one day with Japanese voice acting.


playing Sonic Mania again. God damn that game is great and just perfect on that screen.


They’re turning it into a Hollywood movie with Ryan Reynolds as pikachu.


Fucking love the music in all of it. Especially Press Garden Zone. Have it rushing round my head all day.


I still can’t fathom this.


I know. This concerns me. The Pikachu in this trailer has a level of gravitas I don’t think Ryan Reynolds will achieve.


My aim is to own every house it’s possible to own in Skyrim (including the ones you can build). So, so Tory.


Right so:

  • You’ll need about 50,000 gold to start with and some time on your hands.
  • Go to Torigoth and buy gold cylinders from Salvage guy.
  • Go the salvage point just across the bridge from the fountain.
  • Do the QTE button presses correct (alwatys AAB here)
  • Open the treasure chests and grab the items.
  • After doing this a few times go to the trader beside the salvage guy and you’ll be able to trade some things for 40,000 a pop and get boosters into the bargain.
  • Rinse and repeat to make $$$. Youll have to use the boosters with bonding core crystals a few times along the way but this also helped me get some rare blades.

Added bonus: this will develop Torigoth super fast cos your spending big bucks and this in turn drives the price of gold cylinders to 5000 a piece so even more profitable.


I’d love to own every house if not for the Windhelm quest being fully bugged out. Instead I’m going to finish the Stormcloak quest and then go completely scorched earth in Windhelm to teach them a lesson.


I’m doing Civil War questline at the moment too. Sided with the Stormcloaks on this playthrough (Empire on my first) and just taken Whiterun.