Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


I always side with the Imperials simply because I have a house in Whiterun and I don’t feel comfortable leading an army to attack it! I’d rather defend Breezehome and its chests full of endless Ancient Nord bows and potion ingredients I’ll never use.


Plus, Ulfric is a bit racist.


Whilst you’re attacking Whiterun with the Stormcloaks when you already own Breezehome, it won’t let you enter Breezehome.

Like, “Oh damn - I got so caught up in the excitement of the upcoming battle for Whiterun that I forgot my keys!”


This is ace! Do you find it’s worth having all that cash? I struggle to spend what I have!


I was really confused for literally 10 minutes when Whiterun disappeared off the map completely once that quest was active. I thought I had gone mad. Whiterun is my usual base for all selling/smithing etc. I felt really bad about that attack, especially as Farkas died during it and left me gold in his will. The guilt is still eating me to this day. There’s also now an annoying piece of debris in the way on my route from Dragonsreach to Belethor.

I love this game.


Farkas is a dude. Not quite sure how he and his brother have such radically different accents though.


Really? I find for sidequesta and building affinities and getting gear alone I get a bit low on £ sometimes. Plus in torigoth theres a rare blade that costs half a million .


I’ll be honest, as this is my third Xenoblade game, I’m literally scraping through doing just the story stuff. Bit lazy of me…

Keep getting to bosses about 5 levels shy of theirs. Oops…


Haha ah well if you’re enjoying it that’s the main thing. I’m trying to do all the sidequests I can and get as much rare stuff etc as poss. Dunno if I’ll bother for completionism but want to get all rare blades etc at least and show that bastard level 90 Dino in gormott what’s what! :grin:


I totally did that with XC. I may end up doing so here too, we’ll see! Just such huge games. Hard to find 100+ hours for that with my backlog.


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They’ve been advertising that one for a little while. If I were to get a replacement 2DS/3DS it would probably be that one though.


This is wonderful:


Last link, promise. Nice little fanzine from a few of the folk who made Midnight Resistance. Only a £1 to download it. Good little read…


I’ve read all of these posts in this thread for however long, but kept putting off buying a Switch, for fear of it taking over my life… My TV has bought me a Switch for my birthday! And with Zelda to boot! Will soon be having the dilemma of being spoilt for choice of games and such.
But, I think I should initially get another game for some kind of two-player/multiplayer game, so that the TV doesn’t regret her choice with me playing it all of the time. Any particular recommendations for a good two player game(s) that would also be good for someone who’s never really played computer games?


Mario Kart hands down. Can be played with the two JoyCons in a grand prix or you can both go online. But it has all the settings to help those who have never played games before. It is the only choice.


Ok, I’m happy with that answer! I was a big fan of it on the Wii, but was slightly worried that it might not go down well if the races were too one-sided.


Other option is Snipperclips. You have to work together to complete levels and can also be mean to each other. Great fun!


Snipperclips is the most fun I’ve had playing a game with mates in a very long time. Not the best game of course, but a simple premise that absolutely shines when a few people try wrestle the mechanics.


Overcooked is a simple indie game you can both play.