Nintendo Switch - I think, for our collective safety, I should make this the 'Mushroom Wars 2' fan thread


Thanks - was thinking about Overcooked also.
And Snipperclips also!


My wife and I loved the demo but it seemed pretty expensive a game for what it offered. Am I wrong?


Im now sure how far the demo takes you, but i guess it is just more of that really.
I had a couple of my oldest mates over, some heady craft ales and 4 hours of Snipperclips that I would have paid easily twice the price for.
You can get a physical version now that includes the DLC for around 20 quid I think. Probably keeps trade in value pretty well too, so less of a hit than digital.


Overcooked, think it has a universal appeal in that ‘hey chaos in the kitchen, you can relate and understand the mechanics and orders I’m barking at you’ kind of way.


My son fell asleep in the car on the way to shopping, so set my phone up as a WiFi hotspot and having a couple of games of Rocket League in Morrisons carpark until he wakes up. What a time to be alive!


Got a voucher to spend at cex, their games seem very overpriced so thinking of going for a pro controller for £62 or splatoon 2 for £48. What do you reckon?


If you can be bothered you could buy the pro controller, wack it on ebay for about £55 and go on a pretty slap happy spending spree online / in the e-shop. could get a zelda physical online and rocket league on the eshop, for example


Anyone know why if I play Switch undocked in my bedroom, further away from the Wi-Fi box, the connection is fine, but if it’s docked, right next to the box, it’s a bit jumpy? Obvs i should/will just get a cable but still seems weird (I’m a novice online gamer)


Probably down to the angle of the antenna and potentially electrical interference from any other gadgets between/near the two.


Do you need a usb adapter to play with an Ethernet cable?


Something to do with aquariums


If you can get the xenoblade controller, hmget it, the dpad is better




Lots of rumours of another proper Direct coming soon. One prominent journalist said she’d heard of many more imminent ports than were announced, plus a Reddit thread emerged pointing out that in 6 out of 8 previous instances of a Mini Direct, another followed within 3 weeks.

Couple that with literally no footage being shown of the Bayonetta duo due out next month and the leaked image today of South Park: Fractured butt whole listing, and I’m sure the rumour mill will go into overdrive again.

Time will tell.


Every direct mini has been followed by a direct. Doesn’t mean for sure it will this time, but would be unusual. Also there was nothing of that Yoshi game


It’s starting to catch on duders, can also get app for phone. You dont want to miss any hot multiplayer action would you?


£39.85 pre order offer


Well it worked. Also splatoon 2 has way more robust team making abilities than it did when we last tried this huh? We will probably be playing more splatoon 2 tomorrow if you want to join team dis! Only 4 per team so probably be best to be on discord if you want to join in but we will still post details here


I’ll be up for tomorrow.


Forgot how fun Splatoon 2 is, it’s been ages since I played it. Also seem to have become miraculously better without playing it? Maybe it’s the pro controller.

Apart from when I teamed with Jamos and his band of merry men who clearly know what they’re doing I always end up top in my team :raised_hands:

Also helps that Splatoon 2 is one of those multiplayer games where I don’t mind losing, so I find it super relaxing.