Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


Couldnt find the one I was thinking of but theres stuff like this:


Brought Minecraft for the switch a week ago. I am still not completely sure what I am meant to be doing but there is something weirdly addictive about just digging. Have lost whole evenings doing it.


Apparently Telltale are bringing these to Switch:
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy:A Telltale games Series
Batman:The Telltale Series
Batman:The Enemy Within
Minecraft Story Mode:Season 2


And Fifa looks pretty good imho:


Skyrim reports from Eurogamer sound very promising. Somewhere between the remastered edition and the last gen version but stable, smooth and fast loading. Could tempted me into getting it.

Bought Rabbids on Gamecollection today too, for £38 with the code GAMESCOM17


Some of the Gamescom content sounded great by the way. Loads of free stuff coming to ARMS soon and Splatoon 2 got some imaginative new weapons (bubble blower!), Stages and Salmon Run settings yesterday. Rocket League has a sexy Samus neon car when you buy it too. And FIFA portable is getting highly positive reviews. Will buy that for sure.


So for the TV’s TV?


Yeah this is what I’m looking for. Still a bit steep though isn’t it?


Aye, hopefully its the first and we get lots of cheap knockoffs :slight_smile:


More in depth coverage of Fifa here including online bits etc.
720 p 60fps handheld and 1080p 60fps docked.
Looking pretty good.

Oh and everyone there’s 2 new demos today: Pokken DX and Voez and theyre running another Arms testpunch this weekend for the entire weekend by the look of it.


fucking love Voez


Kind of game I’d love for about half the price but could never justify buying for full whack


Aye dont think its for me either but i’ll give the demo a whirl.


Loved the demo on Wii U but aye… never felt like paying £40 for it.


Does Paypal make it any easier to buy games from other regions’ eshops?


Should do yeah cos you wouldn’t have to worry about credit cards etc. Haven’t tried it yet tho.


Brilliant! Was a ballache before and would usually incur other charges, making it a bit pointless for smaller purchases


One thing I’m glad for on the Switch is the fact that Demo’s seem to be a thing again on a lot of the major releases


Copy of Mario/Rabbits arrived - hopefully will have time to give it a spin this afternoon :smiley:


I want to buy Zelda off the US eshop. Was going to buy $60 worth of e-vouchers off Is there any reason this won’t work as they’re non-refundable and would be an absolute ball ache if I can’t use them?