Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


Things I’d expect.

Release dates for FIFA, Rocket League and Xenoblade 2. Some hefty footage of Fire Emblem Warirors given all ever seen so far has been cut scenes I believe… More characters and stages on ARMS and Splatoon 2. Hefty Zelda DLC info. May be a third party round up too of LA Noire, Skyrim, FAST Racing Neo, Rabbids DLC etc.

Things that’d be cool.

News on those Bayonetta ports. Virtual console update. Reveal of DKCTF and Smash coming next year. A Metroid Prime 4 tease, even if it’s just some music. Dark Souls port. Whatever this other Bethesda Switch game they’re working on is.

These things are usually more info on things you already know about though. Rarely unveil big new things.


There is a flimsy summer 2018 Animal Crossing rumor circulating based on a photo thats found its way on the internet but other than that don’t expect much…Will probably focus exclusively on Holiday releases.


tbh their pre-BOTW teasing was brilliant. They showed loads of stuff and it looked incredible, but I felt like I’d seen most of the game. Then I got the game and realised they’d just shown the Great Plateau, and that was the tutorial level. Probably still avoiding Mario Odyssey tho, I don’t think I gain anything from watching trailers for stuff I’ll already play/watch.


Nintendo Direct in 8mins fellas


actually ended up awake late enough so decided I’d tune in. Have to sit through all the 3DS stuff first!


Still no date for Rocket League FFS!


Wolfenstien 2 is coming to Switch. This is massive news


Dooom and Wolfenstein wow!


Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) looks awesome :smiley:


Demo available now


The Switch library is outrageously strong now.


Oooh what is this Advance Wars looking game Tiny Metal?


That was an excellent direct. Mario Odysee seems fantastic, a truely fresh looking Mario game, something thats been lacking since Galaxy.

Strong 3rd party support as well.
After this it seems 3rd Parties are deffo onboard and it looks like ports of current gen games will be a thing for even non sport titles.


Damn that was great. Xenoblade made it on time then and not one but two heavy hitters FPS games. Can’t wait to try octopath. Very strong release schedule between now and Xmas. Fantastic work Nintendo :slight_smile:


Haven’t played an FPS in fucking years but I did like the look of Doom, now it’s on the Switch I have to get it.

I am enjoying gloating at work to all the serious game fans who laughed at me last year when I said the Switch would be huge and they said it’d kill Nintendo. Yes I do only play about one game a year, but I was right.


i just watched the trailer/gameplay for that and I can already hear anita sarkeesian’s eyeballs rolling out of her head at part of it


Downloaded the Project Octopath demo last night after the presentation and only played a few minutes but liking what I’m seeing so far. Pretty good that they give you the choice of 2 characters/stories for the demo too.
Xenoblade looks amazing but the way they presented it was a bit boring. Also the accents for some of the characters were a bit “tell that to kanjiclub”.
Very surprised Okami HD isn’t coming to Switch. That would sell like hot cakes but then again Capcom are dicks.


Great news in terms of getting games from the current gen released on Switch :slight_smile:


That Xenoblade presentation was literally a tutorial. I zoned out, still want it though.


Mario looks great