Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


so this picross thing is pretty addictive!


No sign of a version of Pro Evolution Soccer? It runs rings round FIFA in every area but the interface and the licenses.


Well, after hearing nothing for 6 months I got an email from Smyths Toys last night to say m,y SNES mini is ready for collection. I had given up hope.

This poses a dilemma now. I was planning on buying FIFA and then Odyssey next month. This leaves me with little time to play all this stuff…


Left FIFA downloading ready for when I get back this evening, apparently you can’t play online with friends though which is really daft of them to leave out if true…


I got an e-mail last night to say mine was ready to collect, did it say on yours that you had 2 days to collect it?


yeah 2 days.


Thought so :frowning:
I’d completely forgotten about it and i might not be able to collect it tomorrow.


Try ringing the store - they might be able to hold onto it longer for you.


yeah I read that, really stupid. I’m not sure why the articles I’ve read are blaming Nintendo and their invitation system especially. There are several games (Mario Kart, Fast RMX) that allow friends to join up. surely this is on EA?


I don’t know a huge amount about it (given I literally work in the games industry) but I think the issue is that there’s no inherent system on the Switch for software developers to plug in and use for this kind of functionality whilst their is on other consoles. EA aren’t going to develop their own system for one game when they can just pick up and use the PS4/XBox system ones.


PES 2018 is definitely not coming to Switch. Seems a bit of a missed opportunity now, but back when the Switch was launched, EA and 2K were seen as being bold in supporting the Switch with their FIFA and NBA games, after the failure of the Wii U. Presumably we’ll see more franchise titles in 2019


Ok yeah it’s not ideal and nintendo are shit when it comes to this but surely if Shin’en can do it for Fast RMX then a company the size of EA can. And it’s not really one game is it, they’ll likely put out another version next year and so on. It’s certainly patchable if it was a time constraint launch date thing.


Difference being that EA don’t need to do it, Switch sales for them will barely touch the sides whereas Shin’en were developing a platform exclusive


yes I see what you’re saying but they still chose not to do it, the ability to do it is there. It’s a feature that requires some dev time sure, but it’s still possible. It just comes down to how easy it is to develop for the platform. From what I’ve read the Switch is very developer friendly, generally, but obviously the online thing with Nintendo is a different matter as always.


Interesting analogy…


Got Fifa, played a game, port seems good

Plays exactly how’d I expect it to.


Still playing through Rabbids and enjoying it.Ordered Golf Story this morning so will hopefully have some time to play over the weekend.
Want to try and finish Zelda before Mario comes out so need to crack on with that at some point. Not even got the mastersword yet.


I’m thinking he picked the wrong phrase there :joy_cat:


Just picked up Snes mini and Fifa after getting Picross yesterday. It’s gonna be a good weekend :grin:
Hope EA patch in friend matches.


IF it’s any consolation I played a couple of online matches and all the pros are clearly playing on other consoles as I didn’t get trounced :smiley:

0 - 0 Draw and 1 - 1 Draw respectively. Couldnt touch online on the PS4 versions