Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


Also Stardew Valley will be only 10.99 Its avoided the nintendo tax!


Just to confuse even further, actual Harvest Moon isn’t ACTUAL Harvest Moon any more. ACTUAL Harvest Moon is now called Stories of Seasons while Harvest Moon is now an entirely new series under the same name.

Unless you were talking about an actual moon. I’ve confused myself now.



Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime [Devishly fun and cute 2 - 4 player co-op space adventure] Axiom Verge [Awesome metroidvania], Volgar The Viking [Difficult but great sidescrolling action/platformer/beat em up] and Stardew Valley all coming out this week. JEEZE

All of them costing roughly the same, mostly the same as the PC Versions [£8 - £15] and are all games I want on the go, Gawd damn I love this console.


Is there any way to save mid level on shovel knight? I keep passing some checkpoints and making progress in a level but when I close the programme to let the kids play splatoon it puts me right back at the beginning of the level on my return. It’s frustrating cos I want to play shovel knight in little ten minute bursts


No way to save mid-level. Adds to the difficulty of it. Just don’t close it. Put your Switch to sleep with the programme running



His kiddiies want to play Splatoon


missed that for some reason. yeah he’s fucked :smiley:


Kids need to learn that it’s an adult console for adults, innit :wink:


Stardew Valley is out this week and is £11! Amazing.


this reveal was so good


Piccross is gonna be WELL addictive… 15 games in and I’m hooked.


How are people getting along with FIFA? Get the feeling that regular players might be a bit disappointed with some of the functionality, but someone who basically hasn’t played FIFA in 5 years would be happy with it?


Have played a little bit, I don’t understand Ultimate Team so haven’t used it at all yet, the matches play quite well though but have yet to find my difficulty sweet spot


Im the same,

Not played a fifa in years (PS3, even then maybe 2013…?)

Seems good to me. the online multiplayer thing is a big own goal, but I don’t play on line that much tbf. Never had the journey so don’t know what Im missing, never got on board with ultimate teram either.

Seems to play well, AI is good enough. the pace is ok although my players always seem to run low on energy… maybe im just hammering sprint too much.


I do love Golf Story, like a lot

But boy is that game buggy, I’ve had to hard reset it several times and had it flat out crash on me on a final hole (which I had SUNK btw), so I hope it’s patched soon, but I’ve already put 9hours in so clearly I’m enjoying it :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Stardew Valley day everybody :slight_smile:

Other games of note: Axiom Verge, Volgar The Viking & Oxenfree (which I believe is out later today)


Bid on one of these on ebay as a bit of an impulse recently. Won it, then realised I didn’t really want it. Sent the seller a message saying it was my partner, and that we really wanted one with games. Don’t reckon they’ll make me pay up.


:smiley: .