Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


So either FIFA18 on the Switch is selling INSANELY well or they didn’t make enough copies. Have spent the past 3 days checking out stores and online but haven’t managed to find a single physical copy within the M25. Tempted to succumb and drop £54 on it BUT I know with Mario round the corner, that’s probably a huge waste.


Suspect it’s a bit of both. Launch week sales in Japan beat LIFETIME sales of every previous Fifa on a Nintendo system. Suspect EA were afraid of a mountain of unsold carts so if more people go digital it’s easier and more profitable for them.


Thimbleweed Park is great for all the reasons Monkey Island and it’s ilk were and also irritating as hell for similar reasons. So often I know what to do but have to use the hint line as I need to activate a sequence for it to occur with a particular character or at a specific point in time.

Really charming game and incredibly smart at times, but I’d forgotten how maddeningly stubborn these point n click games are.


Apparently a Netflix app is ready and will go live soon


Lovely stuff.


Really enjoying it. Not used the hint app yet, but have no idea how far through it I am and am probably moving at a glacial pace.


Played FIFA yesterday for the first time in about 4 or 5 years on my mate’s Switch. Very enjoyable, even with a single joycon each (reduced functionality, but then I probably wouldn’t have coped with the full control scheme). Dominated possession with my solid passing game too, which as we all know is the most important stat in any game of football.

Dunno how it compares to the PS4/XBone versions, but it’s a solid game of football and to my eyes looks decent on a TV. If it had friend matches over internet it’d have made my list for if and when I buy my own console.


What you done so far?

I really like it. Usually some item on your To Do list to investigate no matter how stumped you get. Only had one point so far I plain would have never got past, as I missed a cut scene due to a tantruming child and never saw where an item ended up!

Always been a sucker for point and click titles. Real change of pace from everything else on the system too.


So Stardew Valley is dangerous. I had a bit of travel and rest time this weekend and somehow have clocked in over 15 hours since Thursday :-/
It is utterly fantastic, got myself a massive crop of cranberries on the go, two chicken coops and a newly finished barn for my cows.
There are so many complimentary systems and you can really play the game in a vast number of ways.


Yeaaaah I’ve already clocked 10hours, trying to fix the community centre by appeasing the lil fellas with harvests


I was baffled by it and had no idea what to do. 10 hours on a plane today should hopefully change that. Though I bought FIFA and SDig2 as well last night. Oops.


It might be worth watching a beginners guide on Stardew, if you’re not used to these kind of crafting games where you just get put in a sandbox without much instruction it can be overwhelming without a little guidance.


yeah I just didn’t know what was going on, so only put about 3 hours into it. there wasn’t much of a tutorial, which is fine, but (and i know how silly this sounds) for a game where you can do pretty much what you want, it needs to start you off with more of a push in the right direction. i was just wandering around, finding dead ends, not being able to get across a bridge or whatevs, then turning round and going home to bed. :sweat_smile:


I’m not seeing a problem.


Someone shared this in another group im in and they swear by it


Watched the first few minutes and I am that guy :grinning:
"Yeah just dump the chest in the middle of the room, not in the way at all"

…“Is that good?”

Pretty much exactly my inner monologue


Any recommendations for cheap (under £15 ideally) e-shop games? Just downloaded Sonic Mania and Oceanhorn, those are all I have so far.


What style? Single or multi player?


I have no friends, so single


Stardew valley
Steamworld dig
Shovel night
Rayman legends
Get the Puyo puyo demo
Thimbleweed park
Voez or thumper