Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


I've decided to get one, but am going to wait till they're more readily available without paying a premium.


Last Friday I randomly got a cheque from the bank for £1100. I know I need to spend half on my divorce, but Nintendo bringing out a console a week later can't just be a coincidence can it? CAN IT?


I mean it cleared today. Talk about written in the stars (cute stars with faces on).


Yes, it can.


Apparently a couple of neo geo games have snuck in for launch.


Well this is just delightful.

I'm mucking about with it for a bit before digging in to some serious Zelda. I've bought Fast RMX. If anyone wants to add me to play that, or MK/Splatoon in the future, my friend code is SW-6145-4576-3413.


This definitely feels a lot more like a handheld that you can play on a TV then a console. The thing is TINY.


They're still using friend codes? What the fuck.


Oh apparently it's just the one which isn't quite as bad as I thought. When they had individual friend codes for each game it was terrible.


got mine now, can't be arsed to open the box


just gonna play hearthstone instead


You've had the excitement now
Send it back immediately for a full refund


friend codes are one of a few options when it comes to adding people apparently


sorta feels that way


MIne has arrived. But still no Zelda. time to make miis for a few hours then


quite tempted by this...realistically I know I'd never ever play it though


shut up and enjoy zelda, you ninny.


hopefully it's good


Yesss and now Zelda is here. Goodbye world for a while


Enjoy...still waiting for the console. The Zelda box looks nice though.