Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


Aye. There's the web portal already secreted away on their which can be used for browsing in a convoluted way. I can see why they're cautious as the web exploit blew the Wii U wide open for piracy but to be honest it was already dead by that point. A foresee many 'stability' updates for this thing in due course.


I'm never unlocking the switch with anything other than tapping the right trigger 3 times ever again.



That case is really good.


Mine hasn't arrived yet :cold_sweat:


Nintendo reportedly doubling production this year, which is good news, as they've upped the sale forecast from 8million to 16million units this year.


If they could sell even 75% of that I think they'd pretty much equal Wii U's lifetime sales


Yup it took the WiiU 4 years to sell 13.5million units


Splatoon 2 Beta available to download in prep for test event next weekend


For those of you who haven't played Splatoon, I strongly recommend getting onboard with the test event - it's undoubtedly the most fun thing from the Wii U, so well worth a go to see if it scratches an itch for you or not.


Just got to the tower next to the forest, looking at the map and I like that they've named bits Lake Saria and Mido Swamp <3 also there's Mekar Island... shouldn't that be Makar?


^ This. Best game on Wii U. Or at least it was until a week ago...


Guys it's happening!

From Kotaku

Pokemon on the go with Nintendo Switch could soon be a reality after it was spotted that Pokemon developer Game Freak has posted two listings for new jobs that seem to indicate that they’re looking to develop a new Pokemon game for the Switch.

The job listings were first noticed by website Silicon Era and the first job asks for 3D CG designers for a console project which begins by telling prospective applicants:

“Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!”

If that wasn't obvious enough it also goes on to say that the designer will be tasked with creating “cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models."

The second job going is also pretty on the nose, with Game Freak looking to hire character modellers for a new title, however in this case the job specifically mentions that they should have experience working on models at the level of Wii U and PS Vita.

It's possible that Game Freak could be looking to bring Pokemon Sun and Moon to the Switch, or who knows, maybe a new Pokemon game altogether.


A sequel set in Kanto + Johto 20 years on + new islands to dick about in please.


Looks like my case and screen protectors have "gone missing in the post"...

Anyone got any other recommendations for decent ones?




Orzly have it nailed I think, both with the case and the tempered glass screen protectors.


Bah, that's not what I wanted to hear...


This is good news:

Titles sums up the article but also - if people are having issues with their joycon, they can be sent to Nintendo who will fix it and send it back within a week. Well, seems like they're doing that in the USA but I imagine they'll do it everywhere too?

I really resent that real-world-adult stuff is preventing me from getting a switch until much later in the year.


The wait is killing me. Have penciled in a mid-May purchase when I finish a load of deadlines :cold_sweat:


I saw this, it's quite interesting. The "fix" they did on this guys joycon is to add some RAM (radio absorptive material) I think. This is normally used to absorb unwanted wireless signals. However, they have put it next to the antenna, which obviously needs to see wireless signals not be shielded from them. My guess is that the material is only absorbing unwanted interference signals (possible made worse by the proximity of this metal can) as this material often only works over a specified frequency range.

But then even more interesting is his newly bought joycon, which works and is presumably a newer batch with a design fix in, doesn't have this material in there. So there my guess is that the design fix is a board level component /connection change, and that adding this RAM material is a simple low risk fix for older batch joycons that get returned.

Either way if I decide my joycons need fixing I have some of this RAM material at work I can use...