Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


it looks good but I can't ever see myself carting it around and playing portabl-y, just want a decent tv based nintendo console with good mario and stuff.

like, i'm sure for kids it's amazing but when am I ever actually gonna sit by a basketball court with me 4 mates and play nba 2k18?


Good point - but at least you can play on the thing while someone else is watching telly or whatever.

It does also appeal to me as a non-TV haver, as I'm not automatically excluded from the 'big' consoles this time around. Fewer people actually own TVs these days (due to online viewing etc) and this machine is available to them without having to invest in a telly.


Oh, right. Toxic River is a level way down the track. Bloody impossible.

I did find Sunshine head to get into at first, because aiming the water jet was pretty tricky, and squirting away all the gunk gets a bit tedious after a while. Once you get the hang of the controls, though, it gets better. Plus, as the game moves on, it becomes less about cleaning stuff up, and more classic 3D Mario, requiring precise jumps, quick reflexes and stuff.


apparently this is gonna cost over 300 pound. no chance for me, clive. will end up abandoned in a drawer after a month like every other nintendo product I've bought in the past 10 years.


Guessed it.


I thought that a similar number of people owned TVs, but that they owned fewer units in a house now, because of online, portable viewing.

That report is from 2013 too - before the real rise in smartTVs with streaming services. I think the number of houses with a main, big TV hasn't really changed.


Fuck that noise


Over 300 quid eh? Guess this is going to be another to add to the laundry list of recent Nintendo blunders. Too expensive for a portable gaming system and too expensive for a home console in a world where the ps4 and xbone exist as multimedia devices. 300+ pounds is too much for a console that'll have a restricted library of games, no matter how good the exclusives are.


I'd maybe take a punt on it if it were priced at say 150 quid?


200 to 250 was my personal limit. If it's over 300 ni chance for me, I was really eager to get this after the trailer but that's too rich for my blood.


Yeah but look at it.. you could barely get a hudl for £100. I'm guessing this is quite a bit more powerful.


I'm very rich: I will buy 20


I thought basic £250, +£50 for the cradle +£30 for controller and so on. I'm guessing by christmas 2017 it'll be that price


how many will you throw away?


This is true and I will know whether or not it's looking like a winner by then
The idea of playing zelda before bed was the reason I wanted it.


Here's one from the end of 2014!

A million homes with no TV but mostly broadband, apparently - might be different today of course.

There are different use cases for sure - the living room with the big TV in a family home probably isn't changing, but younger people who already have laptops etc might not see the need for one.


every single one


If the basic premise is that it you can swap between on the go and TV, then I think we can assume that it comes with the screen, the two controllers, the controller charger cradle and the main TV cradle.


Be interesting to see how shared houses (often without a communal living room) affect these figures, as I don't see the trend away from home ownership ending any time soon.


haven't you guys got some concrete you can chat about?