Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart Tonight to the lead up to the news at 10pm (17th Jan)


I did it 3 days. It was all good. Just clean it really well first. Some recommend doing it under a cooker hood fan too.

And it is SOOOOOOOOO much better than the plastic. bubbly ones.


It took you 3 days to remove?!


I’m loving sonic but I’ve just encountered a bug. I got half way through act 2 of Press Garden and a “system error” occurred, booting me out to the Switch dashboard. 15 minutes of gametime lost (only saves at the start of zones, act 1…). I had another go later on and (without trying) ended up in exactly the same part of the level and it crashed out again.

Arrrgh! I heard it has a few bugs and that they are working on a patch. I’m tempted to leave it until they fix it.


Sorry, did it three days ago!


Got it. Now I have to wait the four and a half hours to get home before I can set it up and mooch around it.

It’s sitting on my desk, winking at me.


Play with it on ur desk, it’s portable :wink:


Or at least plug it in so it’s fully charged


Anyone seen that Rabbids game selling at a decent price?


£43 seems to be the going rate :confused:


Tesco Direct are doing voucher codes at the moment; should be able to get a fiver off whatever their price is with one of those.


Dude, great call - can get Mark Kart 8 DX for £35.50 with some Clubcard points as well. This is a good shout.

The code is TDX-HMFR btw.


So, my first night with the console and some thoughts;

  • The setup was a bit odd. I couldn’t set it up on the console as I didn’t have a Nintendo Account so had to use my phone. Then, when I had set it up on my phone I couldn’t find a place to add my payment details, so went to the shop… to find it was added on the console. Strange. Felt a bit stumbling.
  • Downloaded and started play Sonic very quickly after that… and that was me for the night mostly.
  • Also got the Puyo Puyo Testris demo, damn that’s fun, and Just Dance which was goofy and a bit insane, but I am sure my wife and I will have a bit of fun with it.
  • It plays so well on the TV it’s just brilliant. The dock is a bit cheap though innit.
  • The controller plugged into the wee holder is pretty comfortable actually.
  • The portable mode is unreal though. Actually went to go to bed and turned the console off… before remembering I could just undock it and bring it up stairs with me. My brain actually imploded, kind of like the feelin when I first used Spotify over my data and realised what it truly meant.
  • The controllers on their own are strange - I’ve had to Google a few things already; why the Home button didn’t do what I expected, but that’s apparently a bug within Sonic Mania. Also, they got stuck in landscape mode after playing Just Dance, so I managed to figure that out.
  • Not sure I like the storage on the console- four demos and one game and it’s already at 22Gb of 32Gb left. Going to need a Memory Card soon I guess. The convenience of the eShop versus the game cards is stark, but with the small memory…
  • Games are expensive man. Jings. I totally forgot.

So far very impressed! Going to see how it does today on the portable and then I’ve got a few hours of train journeys tomorrow, so we will see how it goes…


Amazon have flash sales on SD Cards all the time, I got a 128gb one from there for about £20 a while ago so hold out for a bargain while you can


Aye definitely good call


The dock is wang. Expensive to get a second one and limits the portability of the system - you can’t just plug it straight in a mate’s TV to show them what it’s all about. Would maybe feel less like a home console but be more practical if you could just plug it straight into the TV with a cable.


I was surprised when I found out you couldn’t plug it straight into a TV without the dock. There will surely be aftermarket cables soon that allow you to do that.


You’d hope so. This is the best solution I’ve seen so far, though would presumably be easy to knock it over or break the connector


You also need to put a Switch dock circuit board in it. Do you mean it’s better for portability?

I would like to keep one dock at my TV’s and one at mine ideally.


Yeah, better for portability and half the price of the Nintendo one, I believe. Still considerably less convenient than being able to plug it in with a cable though


I think theres some sort of knockoff chinese dock/cable that can do exactly this and is basically portable itself. I’ll see if I can find it for you.