Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Linus has a hard life, he deserves the money and minerals more than you!


Have you ever fed Linus? Or given him a gift?!?! Seems like he doesn’t like you



THE POKEMON GAMES ARE GREAT… as portable games. I need to wonder if @Bamnan played them on an emulator because I’ve never been able to play a pokemon game as if it were a console/pc game, just find it hard to get engaged when I can’t just whip my lil collection out of me pocket.


yeah that’s a fair point and probably has something to do with it. I could see it being fun for 5-10 minutes at a go, fight two battles and put it away, any more than that though and it becomes real tedious I find


A lot of the fun was trading and battling with friends at school as well


yeah I’m always nice to him and regularly bring him mayonnaise!

yeah fair enough


hope youre not gonna do that with the new one :laughing:


He likes Salad Cream, you monster


from what I’ve seen of newer ones they haven’t really “evolved” the gameplay much. I mean these days for five minutes I could do a shrine in Zelda or find a moon in Mario, games that scale up to longer play sessions with more variety.


I work with 4 people who have switches, pretty sure they’re all deep into pokemon


theres loads of RPGs that they could play though :confused:

Stardew Valley
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Darkest Dungeon
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Battle Chasers: Nightwar
Ittle Dew 2+
Wizard of Legend
Aegis Defenders
I Am Setsuna


None of them let me carry Eevee on my shoulder though.


Xenoblade Chronicles is basically Pokemon tbf

But you appear to be missing the point of pokemon which is collecting, trading and battling

You can’t do that on those games (other than Xenoblade where u can collect)


The no wild Pokémon battles thing is weird, there must be some way of fighting to train and level up your monsters. I’ll definitely get it, partly because her indoors absolutely lives for Go and has pretty much no other experience with it, so it’ll be nice to bring her into the fold. And partly because it’s fucking Pokémon Yellow in 3D, obviously I have to buy it. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we’ve seen a tip of an iceberg here, and they’re holding back some interesting stuff for nerds… Like a Johto postgame.




Yeah, it turns out I did miss something. While cleaning up some leftover strawberries last night I discovered that, if you go five screens to the left, there’s a balloon which will shoot all the way back and straight through that section without having to jump it. Bah!


Annnd confirmed

I’m really hyped for this, for my money the last one of these is legit better than any Mario Kart I’ve ever played and Sumo Digital are developing the game again… so high expectations!


Not played any of these games before, other than Sonic R on the Saturn, which I imagine is quite different.
I read through an article that your precious article linked to, and got quite nostalgic seeing it mention a stage based on Burning Rangers and Space Channel 5. Would love some remakes/sequels of those.


They’re legit great games
Sonic R was a disaster, not developed by Sumo


Isn’t this what Jesse was playing in his crack den