Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Mario Tennis is pretty good fun. Match making is currently fucked though. I keep breezing round 1 then coming up against people with 10,000 points in round 2 and getting annihilated.

Also, don’t ever accept a match with someone with a slow connection - it’s impossible to play due to the lag and they basically win by default.


Match making is random isn’t it? Obviously with the likelihood of better opponents the deeper you progress. If someone is Rosalina I’m going to get crushed.


It’s a little bit annoying that you can’t see their points/level when accepting a match. Clearly if someone’s Rosalina or one of the other hidden characters it’s better to back off, but I just got ruined by a Yoshi with about 8,000 points vs my 300.


I just play anyone. I guess I’m just a maverick!


I too am appallingly bad.

Yeah - It’s really nice. Will happily buy it on sale at some point in the future, but as you say it’s priced way above what I’d happily pay at the moment.


I think it’s going to make a brilliant alternative to DiS Mario kart.


What’s Lorne Malvo’s favourite switch game


Had a go of mario tennis. S’alright. Would deffo buy if it was £20-£25.


yeah, i’m not sure there’s 60 quids worth of game there tbh…

gonna hold off buying it for sure.


Don’t think I’ve ever paid 60quid for a game ever. Smyths are doing Mario tennis for 37 click and collect. Enjoying the trial. Would have liked a bit of the story mode too.
P. S. Chain chomp players are tories.


Cant get past the tutorial. can’t do the trick shot . what’s wrong with me!


A lot becauae a trick shot is largely automated


Ps really like Mario Tennis. Really starting to improve and having some real nailbiters. Still not made it to the semifinals. But gosh it feels good to play


I od love this intro movie doe, also yeah there is clearly pet collecting/evolving etc.

HYPE! Want so much


Went from getting properly, constantly thrashed this morning to winning a tournament! What a feeling.

Wasn’t really that interested in the buying it but think the demo’s won me over big time.

Been getting stuck into Xenoblade too (bit late to the party there). Took a really long time for it to click, but just finished Chapter 3 (I think) and now that the combat makes some sense I’m hooked. Some of the voice acting is shocking, but the music for Uraya was pretty god damn amazing huh?


All of the music in XC1&2 is pretty epic. The very best tracks from both games rank amongst my favourite ever.

Definitely hits it’s stride in Chapter 3. Enjoy!


Xenoblade is amazing. Put 175 hours into it so far. You should try Japanese voice with English subs - so much better IMHO.


Did anyone grab SF 30th Anniversary?
Plays surprisingly well with the faux d-pad (better with a fight stick though…) and the history/museum elements are the best I’ve seen in a game collection.


Saw a preview of this that said the combat is systems-heavy and hard as balls.



I struggled with the demo initially, which I’m taking as a plus point.

If the story can get anywhere near the impact of the visuals, this could be one for the ages.