Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Fucking hell, Ikaruga is NAILS. Makes Celeste look like a Lego game.


Ikaruga in being hard shocker


Tempted to buy this again - even though I have the Gamecube sitting in a box in the spare room and I don’t think I ever got past level four - because it’s sooo good.

In related hard gaming news, the stats tell me it took a bit less than six hours and a bit more than 2000 deaths to get past the Golden Ridge B-Side in Celeste. It’s probably time to give up and get stuck into the Dark Souls remaster…


On the other hand, on one screen I finally managed to pull off the dash-jump and dash again in mid-air combo, so I’ll probably break the world record next time…


Crikey, bailed on Celeste after I beat it so cannot imagine how much skill that takes. Even more baffled you got to Level 4 on Ikaruga. I put on infinite continues and still took about 50+ deaths to beat it. Look at this total wizard.

By level 3 my eyes are literally bleeding. Being honest, I love the first 2 levels so much, I can see myself happily playing them and trying to get better scores for ages to come, so £15 seems fair to me. It also feels great playing it in vertical mode.

Treasure made Sin & Punishment 2 on Wii, which is one of my very favourite games ever. Tried that?


Some games that the yoot like have been leaked - Fortnite and Paladins. Don’t really like shooters but get the urge to play one once in a while, so having a couple of free to play ones doesn’t sound like a bad


I played Paladins for a bit on PC. it’s the most shameless Overwatch clone imaginable.



(Out next week)


Absolutely love that they appear to have been unable to get such a simple game to run on 60 fps


:joy: is it just one button for the throttle


the state of that


That was incredible. How he’s still keeping the chain going is mind-blowing.

Never had a Wii so not heard of that one but it sounds cool. Quite different in style but similar in substance, I really liked the Cave one Deathsmiles on the 360.

And thanks for the flattery but I think it’s more pigheadedness than skill on my part. Especially when you then watch a video of some guy clearing the same level in five minutes flat.


this is fun


was the demo of this any good? think it’s probably not for me, especially at full price, but you never know


I only got a chance to play a couple of games, but I thought it was good fun. will probably wait for it to come down in price too


Shovelware been about fora ages noob


I really enjoyed it. Couldn’t play the Simple rules mode on the demo, which I think I’ll ultimately prefer, but the mode with all the power shots, combos and slow mo was really good. Played like a fighting game at time, having to gain ground, counter and get direct hits in.

Within an hour of playing it I found it fluid and varied, having some almighty rallies. Did find that some people had gotten INSANELY good, INSANELY fast however, with some opponents not losing a point to me.

Only deal breakers for me are, A) the price. Wouldn’t pay £50 in the eshop for it. But sure when it’s £38 on Smyth’s I’ll get in. But a bigger issue, B), is online. Lag was horrid and made it unplayable. Once I realised you can see your opponents internet connection though before accepting a game, I merely only took on people with 5 green bars.



I know this of course, just couldn’t resit sharing such a shite trailer.


Not sure who is doing their marketing now but it’s so good to see them not being shit anymore.


I’m absolutely loving Disgaea 5. It’s fully mental, obviously, but also excellent.

Well worth the £30 or so you can find it for, if that style of game is your thing. Good thing there’s a demo, though - can imagine plenty of folk bouncing right off it.