Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Played quite a lot of 2 and 4. Absolutely bonkers games. It’s just systems within systems within systems. There’s something quite odd about grinding for hours and hours just for the joy of seeing massive numbers on the screen :grinning: Might go back to 4 at some point.






Seems about right to me


Can’t find a gif, but my favourite skill animation so far is when my Maid splits into eight copies of herself, which float into the air and surround the target, then simultaneously fire their bows… to do no damage, because she’s under-levelled relative to the rest of the party as she hasn’t been dealing blows or being picked up by the ankles and used as a weapon by one of the other damage dealers.



anyone wanna play mario kart with me?


Celeste fans: last night I did the chapter (3? 4?) where you’re fighting against strong headwinds the whole time. Do they use that mechanic often? Because I’m going to stop playing it if they do.


Nah, just briefly once more I think.


Thank fuck for that.


Hi Epimer. Evrery stage has its own bespoke gimmick to it which isnt persistently used. The wind being one of them, however the final stretch uses every mechanic in small chunks


On the B-side of that level they have a hilarious sequence where you work your way laboriously across a long screen of that shit and then, just as you take your second last jump, the wind stops dead and you overshoot the landing.

I’m hopelessly addicted it seems. I said I was going to stop but the Mirror Temple B-Side turned out to be comparatively easy. Even the bit I was dreading which you have to negotiate while carrying stupid Theo around.


Poor @1101010


Still can’t get my head around how a portable device that’s a centrimetre thick can run this:


Has anyone had an issue with a joycon (the right one in my case) circle pad losing it’s accuracy and constantly drifting down after a few seconds? I’ve tried calibrating it and it doesn’t seem to help at all, and this is when it’s connected to the console, so it’s nothing to do with that old dodgy wireless connectivity thing.

I’m assuming I’m going to have to send it off to Nintendo, but thought I’d check if anyone has any other ideas at all.


Afraid not. Worth waiting until the online service kicks in so you can back up your saves? Or is that months away? Only ask as a couple of people I know just got sent new consoles rather than a repaired JoyCon.


Was hoping I could get away with sending just the joycon on it’s own. Just seen on Nintendo’s site that I need to prove another right Joycon is okay with it to get away with that though. Hmmm. Will give it some thought.


Liking the look of Afterparty. Done by the same guys who did Oxenfree and similar gameplay though maybe a bit comedyish despite it being about Hell.
Also apparently more proof that Fortnite will drop on the eshop during tomorrows conference:
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Sadly that has not helped me :frowning: