Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Bowl of rice?


Will report back


Looks a little dry.


You’re never happy, are you?


hmm, seems like a different issue, but I had the famous connectivity issue with my left joy-con and was able to just send it off on its own?


Literally never, no.


Completely different Theo :wink:


I am pleased to report this has not worked. Thanks for the thought though :slight_smile:


New Trials game coming to Switch :smiley:
StarFox coming to Switch (in a toys to life game which is an arcade shooter)


I am really very excited.


Oh hell yeah! Just watched the trailer, 8 player multiplayer. That’s gonna be awesome. I hope they try and do cross-play and make it a huge environment


Apparently fortnite devs casually dropped that you can use headsets without the nintendo app with Fortnite according to someone i know. Im trying to have then find out more


yep looks like it

You’ll also be able to connect any standard headset 3.5 mm headset to the Switch for voice chat, which is very possibly a first for the system.


Why the fuck dont nintendo use that!


Because… Nintendo. Please understand.


BRB selling my Switch


Came 21st my first game of Switch Fortnite (and got a kill!). It’s a really good port, the online seems flawless. Good job.

Also this is totally going to get me into Fortnite…


Fortnite’s free? Might get it. I still don’t really understand what kind of game it is or what you really do and the videos I’ve seen haven’t explained much


You know the movie Battle Royale?


And yeah it’s free