Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition




Thats 3 ganes i want that have dropped today/tomorrow


I’ve applied for a repair on the Nintendo website. This is unusable.

Which are the best games that don’t map anything to the right stick in the meantime?


Sonic Mania




Ta. Will lean on these if I can keep the console itself.


Don’t think I’ve got the patience to get good at Fortnite. I’ll leave it to the kids.
Downloading hollow knight instead


I played two games of Fortnite last night. The first one I fell off something. Then all I could do was slowly crawl around while a red bar diminished. I thought after that I would be able to walk again but no - ‘Balonz has eliminated himself’. Second game got nicely tooled up, then got into a fighting zone and saw some punter crossing a lake, looks shallow I thought so I followed them and then started to drown, turned round and swam/crawled back to the shore. Crawled for a while until my red bar had diminished ‘Balonz has eliminated himself’. Turned it off and went to bed.


So pleased Hollow Knight surprised dropped.

Even if you just have a passing interest in Metroidvania type games, this is an absolute must. Just over a tenner too, and so much content.

Managed one game of Fortnight. Ran around for about 10 mins and then go shot by someone I couldn’t see. That’s the whole game right?


Seems to be


Unless youre balonz* where its clearly a suicide sim

Pro tip. If you have a rifle and can see a lot of loot on the ground. Perch near by and snipe people as they come to collect their reward. Got 3 kills in a couple mins that way last night before being obliterated by someone who obviously plays a lot of fortnite (they built a fucking fort whilst we were fighting)


At least I didn’t give anyone the satisfaction of killing me.



my 14 year old son who plays loads on his PS4 can coach me if needed - but i already know I am useless at online shooting type games. Think my time is best spent elsewhere


i blew myself up with my own grenade this morning


Might try that tonight.


that sounds like you were playing in squads mode cos in solo mode you wouldn’t get knocked out with the red bar, you’d insta-die


Yeah maybe. I’m an invaluable team player.

Good to know as the person I was about to shoot heading across the lake was probably on my team.


well, it doesn’t have friendly fire anyway. you could’ve been playing on your own in squads. haven’t played in ages but seem to recall it likes defaulting people to squads mode so an easy mistake to make.


It does. You need to change queue type to solo


50 v 50 fortnite is crazy. Really dumb fun