Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Mario Party… and…

Anything else announced?


nothing new that wasn’t leaked, no


Fire Emblem
That mech game at the start
It was basically a bog standard direct which makes sebse because they sort of do e3 because theyre obliged to. When the dorects are arrabged when they have something significant to show


Oh amd Dragon ball Z Fighters which is a great game


And Overcooked 2


So what’s the Nintendo release schedule for the rest of the year? Fire Emblem 2019. Yoshi bumped to 2019. Metroid 2019. Full Pokemon game 2019.

Mario Party, Pokemon lite and Smash? Not too bad I guess.


Grim Fandango remaster tho


Captain Toad.
Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Party
Smash Bros
Pokemon Lets Go
Octopath Traveler

Expansions for Mario Rabbids. XENOBLADE chronicles 2 and Splatoon


Plus a heap of ports/indie titles.

Is Bayonetta 3 dated yet? That could slot in somewhere in the Autumn potentially?


There are few indie games deciding pc and switcb only is the way to go. But cant remember which.

There is a lot of stuff coming. I just focused on the exclusives of which there are still more than the other platforms. But of course they have the 3rd party


I loved the first one so much. Will definitely be buying the sequel.


Also thought that Yoshi title was bit of a schedule filler thing. Wonder what’s holding that up


172 strawberries.


And Broken Age


Part 1 of Broken Age is amazing
Part 2 was awful


My son just got his 1st Fortnite win on the Switch.


A victory for all of DiS!


Apologies if this has already been asked but is there likely to be any Metroid footage/teaser?


Not this week.


Rewatching this Trailer to get hyped