Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Anyone ever sent a joycon off for repair. Easy and straightforward process? How long did it take etc?


I remember every world feeling really different?!

I think you all played a different game to me and this guy:


Agreed. I found it really varied and loved the game.

However fuck the bonus levels. So at 31 trade in value I’ll only be down four quid on the whole transaction, can’t really turn that down.


Yes, one of my extra ones had that fault. Filled in an online form and sent it in. I don’t remember it taking too long


I don’t think they feel very different as world’s - but the levels do! Like they don’t really fit in with the themes most of the time. The Sawmill level stands out, as does the darkness water level. Really awesome levels.

But I agree. I find it is totally awesome, but I’m at the world 5 boss and realising that, bar maybe six or so secret levels and exits I am still to find and the puzzle bits, there is only one more world? That’s a bit disappointing. I have cracked 15 hours on it, but I’ve truly been spoiled by Odyssey and BotW.

It is one of the best platformers I’ve played since Super Meat Boy absolutely, but does seem a little light on content and replayablility for someone who doesn’t care about the time attack stuff.

On the fence. When I’m playing it I’m frustrated and pissed off at how awesome it is and having a ball… But afterwards it feels like it needed more? Who knows.


Played 18 minutes of the Octopath demo yesterday. I can 100% say that shite is not for me.


Yeah I guess odyssey and sonic mania have spoiled me. Reckon apart from the main theme a lot of the music lacks the sort of energetic punch I want from a platformer too. Can’t underestimate how important great music is in this sort of game


Mine isnt issues with the wireless thing that a lot had but the control stick just felt a bit off and the L3 click was a bit mushy. Might just live with it. Only really noticed it on Fortnite where you use the L3 click a lot to run. Plus dont want to be stuck without when Octopath launches. If it gets any worse I’ll get onto them.
Cheers for the info though mate.


Yeah, it wasn’t such a big deal for me as I have 2x sets of joycons, so could still play


If another pair are ever going in a deal or anything I might pick them up. Use the pro when I’m playing on telly anyway.


AAAHHHHH fuck, this is the end now, I promise (apart from the £50 of credit I have!). Mario Tennis for £37


man I’m so tempted


Yup did it a couple of weeks ago.

Request online, they’ll email you a freepost label and you’ll have it back in a few days.


thanks, purchased

going to trade in DK and Splatoon so I don’t get buyers remorse


I’d like to offload Bayonetta 2 as I have zero interest in it but I don’t really go into shop areas anymore and I don’t think they give much for it at all.


We should have a DiS buy/sell/swap shop - I’d happily pay (at least) what some of you mugs are being offered to trade in your games.

Anyone wanna trade (my) Zelda for (your) Skyrim?


Yeah I would swap Bayonetta 2 (regretably I have used the code for Bayonetta 1) for something dece (Skyrim!).


Would also be up for this. Just sold 3 games on eBay and got about £30 more than I would have got trading them in (in cash at least, dunno about vouchers).

Toying with getting rid of Mario Kart now too tbh.


so wolfenstein II… i am really tempted but the whole half-physical release is really putting me off. what is the point in putting it out on a cart if it is no more than a glorified download code?


You can play a chunk before you need to download.

I think it is absolutely fine. If you don’t fancy buying the cart/download go for the pure digital copy, no?