Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Yeah I’d agree with all this, three levels in. Feels like a blockbuster Hollywood movie that you play through as opposed to a game I see myself replaying. Actually set the difficulty down a bit as I’d read that the shooting isn’t as tight as DOOM and I’m not really playing it for the challenge, more the spectacle.

Some of the platforming is a bit ropey as is usual for first person shooters. Bloody love being able to slightly adjust aiming with motion controls on though. I’m blitzing through some Nazis…


I am now in the Switch club :tada:

got Zelda and Mario, played the former and it seemed pretty good, died a couple of times due to idiocy, did some frankly magnificent bow and arrowing and generally had a good time. haven’t played Mario yet.

also got £50 worth of credit for the eShop, not sure what I’m going to spend it on. played the Puyo Puyo Tetris demo and that was fun but not £35 fun, almost certainly getting Celeste but we’ll see, no rush when I have 2 games already to get on with.




I think I played more of that on holiday* than anything else I took. Except maybe Stardew Valley.



Been playing South Park Fractured But Whole over the last few days. The battles are decent turn based RPG fare and the story is funny though probably not as good as the first game, where they managed to have a joke at the expense of pretty much every video game cliche there is.

Either they’ve patched all the game breaking glitches or I’ve been lucky.


Is there anything like the explorey bits of Zelda, but without the fighty bits? Rime?

The answers’s going to be “the Zelda DLC”, isn’t it.


I love that game so much. Even the story mode is really fun


I reckon I’ll definitely get it at some point, seems like the physical version is a bit cheaper so maybe I’ll get that instead at some point.

will have to train my wife up on Puyo Puyo though, 2 player Tetris was quite close but my elite Mean Bean Machine skillz meant she had no chance on the Puyo Puyo bits. although she does have a slight advantage in being able to actually tell the different between some of the puyos (?) easily, blue and purple look identical to me.




Time is more like ICO. A nice looking world with puzzles in it.

Yonder is supposed to be pretty good. Wandering around, being nice to things with no action.


Crumbled and grabbed Yoku!
Such a charming little game, hiding really delicate and particular mechanics. Big fan so far.




Keep thinking about hollow knight. the panic when you get to a new area and don’t have the map yet. I also wish there was a way you could fast travel between benches, as some of the distances back to Dirtmouth to buy the goodies I want are aretting quite significant


Finally on board with Stardew Valley. Always loved Harvest Moon and the slow accumulation of tasks and cash so this is right up my alley. Perfect to play with an episode of Love Island in the background.

The fishing minigame can absolutely do one however.


Zelda update: Up to my first Divine Beast, the Zora one. The design for the elephanty puzzle bits was bloody incredible. So clever


The assault on the Divine Beast with Sidon helping is bloody brilliant isn’t it?


I love the fishing minigame :confused:

I started playing last week - really don’t want my hours played thing to update because I reckon i’ve put about 30 hours into it without really realising.


Could literally stay up playing games like this all night long


I woke my gf up on our flight back from holibobs the other day to show her the new bee hive I’d just built. She wasn’t all that impressed, for some reason.


i’ve named all my animals after my friends which has kind of creeped me out.

might move onto dissers when I get more.