Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


I’m a big fan of telling the TV every small accomplishment I’m making on Chumpton farm and her increasingly withering replies. Think I almost got dumped yesterday when I told her about the mayonnaise machine


tried to call my farm ‘rancho relaxo’ but went over the character limit so its called ‘rancho relax’


Same reason why my Guitar Hero band was called Oedipus and the Moth


Playing Lego City makes me feel a little sick in split screen… especially with an out of control five year old on the other screen.


Never heard it cal…



I’ve got about a dozen pictures like this on my phone because I am tedious


That’s genuinely brilliant!
Hoping you have a BORT one also!


They were all out of those.




I’m so tempted to buy Octopath Traveler as it looks utterly charming and the demo is great but I have so many Switch games on the go (no pun intended) simultaneously that I’ll wait til I’ve completed all the single player campaigns and by then hopefully it’s dropped a few quid


I’m all over it.
Got a week in the lake district and hoping I can get some decent hours in while my wife is reading.


looking forward to seeing the reviews on thursday. i’ve enjoyed the bit of the demo i have played so far, but am a little concerned over the rumoured lack of interaction between the various characters as the game progresses. its those moments that make games like this for me.


Oh yes, I used to get this with Lego games and kids


Ah, that’s definitely a concern for me too. So, are you meant to play the game 8 times in total - one playthru for each character for a unique story / experience?


Don’t think so from arguments I’ve read on Twitter. Guess we’ll find out on Thursday.


worth doing another friend code exchange?

mine is SW-6937-9204-9007


Or post this and add away!