Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


My gf saw me posting this, rolled her eyes at me and called me “twatmangler”.


“Epidick” sounds almost as good


woah just realised epimer is a real word.



by realised I mean I googled it out of curiosity


Hey guys… it looks like Minecraft’s just been updated with Realm support!

  • I WOULD be up for playing Minecraft with DiS
  • I WOULD NOT be up for playing Minecraft with DiS

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can’t wait to build a glorious socialist republic with you all! :heart:


It’s been a long time without a Celeste update…

Hit another big wall right at the end of the Summit B-Side. The game introduces another “new” mechanic - a sort of turbo wall bounce - in the last quarter of this level which I guess many players will never even use. It’s sort of crazy and pretty cool at the same time. It’s a little difficult to get the hang of doing it from a standing start. Significantly more so when you have to dash up in midair and hit a one edge block in mid air.

Finally, on to the Core B-side, which I should be finished in time for Christmas.

To take a break from the frustration I started another run. Made it to the Summit in 2hrs 45 with ~800 deaths. Or approximately 24,000 less than my main save.

Bought Just Beats and Shapes the other day for a bit of light relief but haven’t played it at all yet.


Christ. Why?


three great games!


I still haven’t opened Mario Kart and I got it the same day as the Switch.


DONKEY KONG COUNTRY lads, not Donkey Kong Country? Sad face.


Oh, Nintendo are real fucks for this. They’ll release Smash or something and stick the logo on the box instead of going with the usual font.


really like the look of just shapes and beats. played an unhealthy amount of super hexagon back in its heyday and this seems like it would be equally as addictive, but with the added bonus of local multiplayer.


@Yesiamaduck, @sheeldz, @bamnan, @The_Cosh , @shinymcshine, @TVDenimChap, @Scagden (and any others)

It seems you can get a 180 day Realms pass for about a fiver on Switch which allows up to 10 players logged on at a time. I’m happy to do this if people want. Would just use the standard settings unless anyone’s got any particular wishes for specific ones. Also, if anyone knows of a good seed, that would be great :slight_smile:


oh man I’m getting excited at the prospect. We can have a little town hall where we plan what is getting built and a democratic storehouse where all labour and the means of production is shared equally for the greater good of DiSlandia


DiSCraftia. All Minecraft lands must be named ___Craftia.


Octopath Traveler here for under £30

£15 cheaper than on amazon, etc


Looks like this is a fraudulent site I wouldn’t risk it


Oh! Thanks for the heads up (I’m an idiot and bought from them, but will get the ball rolling for a cancellation)