Nintendo Switch - ninty direct edition


Because the DiS server died and it’s trade in value was still £28 and I was kind of bored of it after a year :kissing_closed_eyes:


fucks sake mate.


See you in Sonic Team Racing


Got stuck into it yesterday. Loving it - so damn good, about 7 hours in and 5 hero’s recruited.


@moderators ban request?


There’s a dis lobby already. The code for it is in my spreadsheet at top of the thread. I’m happy to play some evening but need to set a time. Can’t just post here at random times and expect everyone to come out to play.


I only did it so I didn’t have to play with @profk


yes I bloody can!!!


And how’s that been working for you so far? :wink::rofl:


okay, mario kart tonight at 10pm GMT, who’s down?


Also, I’ve been working some v late shifts at work recently, and as a result have dipped back into Zelda on master mode, and it’s reminded me why I felt like it was the best game ever.

Just running around, pro-hud mode, finding places I’ve never been before and following odd paths - a couple days ago I walked along the eastern edge of the map, following a tiny ledge for almost an hour - it’s nuts how even that remote part of the map had some small korok bits and some actual content.

And every now and again you get out of a rain storm onto a ledge and look behind you, and the sun is rising and steam is coming off the grass and you can see animals jumping around in the distance. It’s the most perfect game to just play aimlessly.


From experience you want to aim for 7 - 9pm midweek for best results, weekend games always fail. Unless it’s minecraft where people just kind of drop in.


I can play next Thursday from 8.15ish if anyone wants in


By next I mean this one coming


Nintendo said this week there’s more updates coming for MK8. Not sure if that means tracks and content or just something like GC controller support, but if it’s the former I’ll buy it.


You can use the Labbo Piano to drive


just playing the demo at the moment, seems pretty awesome but the bloom lighting is a bit intense


Was really nice to be able to carry on right from where I was in the demo. Reckon there’s lots of replayability with each character playing so differently. Great stuff thus far.


Please keep saying nice things about it, because I think I want to get it, but some of the reviews put me off.


from my first hour in the demo I’m a little worried that it might be a bit soulless in some ways. The music doesn’t have the immediate great melodic touches of the classics of the genre, feel like the fully orchestrated route is a strange choice with the visuals. Also a little disappointed that a lot of the houses/shops etc you can’t go inside just walk up to the door and it gives you a buy items menu…seems like a small thing but makes me worry that there might not be much beyond the cool aesthetic and the good battle system