Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov

It brings in the age old question of “do people want console experiences on the move” but the practicality of having a home console which can be used without a TV in a family centric environment is good doe. Not sure about the March release (just after Christmas seems a bit silly) but if it’s priced right I might jump in for the new Zelda.

I hope the portable screen is good, the picture in the video didn’t seem great

Cant wait to start a Basketball crew and then force them to play a game of NBA with the smallest controllers on the planet. (the 5th guy in the crew is just sent home)


Seems like they’ve built on the best idea of the Wii U - off-TV play. Going full portable makes it attractive to don’t-even-have-a-TV twats like me.

I think the portable unit is 6", 720p, which is behind the curve compared to phones nowadays, but way better than the 3DS.

Having two-player games, each using a tiny half-controller, looks pretty good actually.

I’m instantly worried about the screen getting scratched, which you don’t have to with a 3DS.


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wow - looks properly cool

I do like when a leak is pretty much exactly what the rumours said it would be. Why didn’t Nintendo announce this sooner?

Looks cool as fuck in the ad but i’m skeptical about the content. Skyrim Remastered, Zelda Wii U, another Mario Kart… all great stuff but it’s the lack of top quality games that killed the Wii and Wii U. It needs steady original games and I’m not convinced Nintendo are able to produce more than 2/3 a year based on how they’ve been.

So it looks like the gamepad thing contains all of the hardware? It seemed really slim and that makes me a bit nervy about the graphical output. Does the TV “Dock” thing contain some kind of upscaler or something to boost the resolution? If this is only marginally more powerful than the Wii U, I think that’ll make it really offputting.

I wonder how they’ll market it. Is this supposed to be a successor to the 3DS as well? If they try and advertise it as a handheld and a console, they surely won’t be able to satisfy both markets. If they release a different thing, a 4DS for example, surely that would put people off buying the Switch?

looks pretty good, wish that zelda game didn’t look like the windwaker though

Nintendo have said they’re going to release more games a year to help prop the game library, though this can be seen as good or bad I guess as some of Nintendos recent games since the anouncement that they were going to release more games more often have been getting pretty bad receptions (then again they were probably in development long before this decision was made)

toxic river :rage: :rage: :rage:

This setup reminds me, oddly, of Microsoft things these days. The Surface Book has a detachable screen with all the gubbins in it, but the keyboard bit has a discrete GPU, so graphics are better when it’s docked - which is sort of what you’re getting at here (hope it’s the case).

And new Windows Phones can be docked so you can use a monitor, keyboard etc, and it behaves like a baby PC (Continuum mode). That’s pretty much what the Switch is doing (only it includes its own controls).

I rewatched the trailer, portable zelda seems really framey… that isn’t a good thing if your launch trailer of your flagship title for your new flagship console seems to be struggling when it’s undocked. I wonder if they’ll need to put on the box ‘Recommended for TV Play Only’ for some games

Looks banging, that

Some real innovation, judging from the trailer: looks like this one’s coming with girl-gamer functionality.

Looks quite good, will live and die by the games though innit. Nintendo haven’t had more than 2 or 3 must-have games on their consoles for years now.

I think it’s about double that for the Wii U and maybe triple that for the Wii and Gamecube.

But then again, you could say the same about every other console, I guess, and some (PS1) have even less.

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He probably doesn’t have the World’s Finest Eye Drops though, tbf.

Chuck some titles at me pal (and I’m meaning compared to Playstation/X-Box big-hitters btw)

Yeah I remember them saying that, but I worry they’ll have the same problems as before. If Nintendo churns out 2/3 games a year that all well and good but they need third party developers and publishers on board. It’s pointless having Skyrim remastered if Bethesda aren’t then going to release Elder Scrolls 5 on it. Moreover if Nintendo are going to start releasing more games each year, they really need to start coming up with new franchises because if they’re solution to the software issue is to release Mario Kart every 2 years instead of 4 that’s not going to work.

Also I’m genuinely bewildered that they’ve repeated the Zelda Twilight Princess Gamecube/Wii release here.

This all sounds more negative than I mean to be. Nintendo are just really frustrating. If this retails for £200 (which I doubt but would make it a hell of a purchase) I would probably buy at launch. My guess is £250-300 with the upper version having more internal storage.

Super Mario
Mario Kart
Smash Bros
Pokemon (might see a main series game on this as it’s portable)
Metroid (still waiting on a main series game after Federation Force)
Star Fox (last one was pretty good by most accounts)
Kirby and Yoshi games have been nice lately

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Interesting stuff, I didn’t realise stuff like this was about.