Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Yeah it was just then. Tennis looked ace I thought.


As a Nintendo fan it’s so weird and great to have the third party games I want come to the Switch.


I could end up spending a lot of time playing online tennis


That was a whole lot of games to announce at once.

2018 suddenly looks STACKED


Also Tennis looked AMAZING. Has all the energy and nuance missing from the last one.

Also that Splatoon single player DLC seems pretty awesome. I love how Splatoon plays and a proper single player mode is a really appealing to me.

Oh and I would totally play the n sane trilogy on a portable


Only Smash and one or two others aren’t releasing before summer too. What the hecks the second half of the year going to be like? They must be keeping Yoshi until then.


Super pleased that South Park is coming over, and so soon! Always wanted to play Undertale too. Tennis looked great fun and Little Nightmares seemed interesting.

Single player Splatoon 2 DLC though? YES PLEASE.

Not sure about the Travis Touchdown game just yet or that I’d rebuy Okami or Captain Toad but very glad they’re inbound as both are superb games. Also never really got the love for Smash so that doesn’t get me as excited as I’m sure it does others. As Wii U owner, I fear the first half of this year will mainly be Indies for me, but Dark Souls should keep me busy in May.


HOLY HELL that Direct was amazing!!! I want to get all of the first party titles for both Switch and 3DS - Luigi’s Mansion, yes please. Not played that since 2002 and was in CEX the other day debating whether to pay £22 for it. All the new Splatoon stuff, will probably get South Park on Switch, have it on PS4 but had to rush it as the save file wasn’t working and had to effectively play it in one sitting (leaving the console on overnight). Then “oh, one more thing” Super Smash Bros OMG. I was happy for a mere Wii U port as I have the 3DS version only and I prefer it on console. I’m just so hyped… I’ll probably get loads of Amiibo too


Crash :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m on board for Okami and Octopath Traveller as well. I like the look of Mario Tennis a lot, but I’ve not got the time or money for it for a while yet, my living situation for the most of this year remains to be seen, but I’ll pick it up if I end up living with somebody who’s up for multiplayer on it.

Smash is something I’ve never got on board with (although I own every console version of it) but I’m happy for all you nerds who love it.


The Octopath deluxe edition looked awesome too didn’t it. Let out a cheer at Okami :grin:
Also interested in Mario Tennis, Dark Souls, Captain Toad (had the wiiu version), Crash South Park and of course Smash. Waiting for more info on World Ends With You remake too. Gonna be a fun / busy / costly year :grinning:


(Aren’t the Crash games utterly awful?)


They’ve aged horrendously. Good for nostalgia but can’t imagine many newcomers getting into it


Wow! That was a fantastic direct.

Loads in there I fancy picking up (Tennis, Crash, Smash, Toad, Octopath) and loads that I’m pleased is coming just in terms of 3rd party support and other people’s wishes (South Park, Souls, Okami).

I honestly didn’t expect this level of info pre E3, so you have to wonder what they are holding back for there.

I also hope this puts a dent in the people moaning about a dead 2nd year, but maybe I just need to delete reddit if I want to read balanced opinions.


Some good stuff in this direct, really knocking it out the park I think.

  • Crash Bandicoot is a must buy. Loved those games and the remaster looked ridiculous.
  • Mario Tennis is also a must buy. Loved the deep mechanics and the cool looking modes. Saw folk complaining that it looked overly complicated but, get this guys, tennis is a complicated game, and reducing it to simply two buttons is a bit cheap. Looks like they’ve added special move KO like a fighting game to the series, which has me on board.
  • Captain Toad (thanks @vamos) has me excited. The price will be important for me.
  • Smash is obviously exciting.
  • Splatoon 2 single player DLC has me sitting upright and ready to go. Def on my list for purchase.

Not too bothered

  • Undertale got a lot of write ups. Never heard of it.
  • Dark Souls I guess is good. Not my thing
  • A South Park game in 2018? How is this still a thing? Apparently it’s GOTY level, which amazes me.
  • Travis Strikes Again looks brilliant, but I’ve no idea what No More Heroes is, so that’s interesting for me.

But seriously

  • Smash in 2018
  • But so is Pokémon RPG apparently, in 2018
  • Metroid Prime 4 is now 2019 for sure

I’m certain they’ll be launching Super Smash Bros. for the Online. Pokémon might be Christmas? Christ, 2018 is strong, and that’s not even counting the Labo buzz.


Didn’t they tart them up? I guess, as the first 3D platformer-era game, it needed a lot of work to make it work, right? It looked brilliant.


Didn’t think metroid was dated at all when announced? Wasn’t expecting it till next year.


The remasters look great. The actual gameplay is horrible, except Warped where they switch it up a bit and provide some more variety.


Is Pokemon nailed on for this year?


Metroid wasn’t dated, but Pokémon was… (2018… or “later”) I guess?


Pokémon would be a good fit for late November/early December really.