Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I don’t remember thinkning the gameplay was bad… the reviews seemed to be very good. I am optimistic. £40 works for me.


I don’t think it’s unreasonable to complain about that Direct. To me it was great, as there’s tons of games I haven’t played before. But if you had a Wii U and another console it’s not unlikely that you’ve completed a vast swathe of these games.


Yup. Been playing the remastered versions on PS4 and they’re fucking awful. No camera controls, terrible perspectives, really unforgiving game mechanics. No fun at all.


Yeah, honestly to me there would have to be Metroid and Pokemon games that were on a similar level to BOTW/Odyssey to really match up to/eclipse last year.

I’m excited for Smash online and on the go, but it’s Smash, they’re all basically the same thing. Happy to be proved wrong but Kirby, Yoshi and maybe Tennis feel like filler. Excited to get the chance to play Tropical Freeze and Captain Toad but as you say, Wii U owners won’t get much from double dipping. Labo is an interesting wild card.

Then there’s some fairly high profile ports, led by Dark Souls, and as for exclusives there’s… Octopath Traveler. Which fortunately is right up my street, but is objectively one that probably wouldn’t cause a big splash if it was on Xbox/PS.


Yeah totally. Only things that I was overly excited about were things that, if I owned a PS4 like most folks, I’d have already played. Glad so many people will get to experience these overlooked gems but not loads to get me pumped, just yet…


So, even though I don’t really like the Smash Bros games, the BEST thing about them is speculating on which characters they’re going to add.

GUESS PEOPLE! I’m saying:

Springman / Ribbon girl from ARMS
Inklings from Splatoon
Rex from Xenoblade 2

I think they may reward those third parties who jumped on board early too with DLC a la Cloud and Ryu:

Peach Rabbid
Shovel Knight
DOOM guy
Minecraft dude


Rayman and “Rabbid” (with Mario, Luigi and Peach costumes) is almost certain. Hopefully not at the cost of Sonic.


Reckon Ice Climbers will be back. They were only cut the last time as they couldn’t get them working on the 3DS version.
Rayman will def be in there. He had a trophy in the last game right?
Bayonetta will be a main rather than DLC this time too. I’d love all the former DLC characters to be there from the off including Snake brought back from Brawl.
Rex I think is nailed on with other drivers/blades as assist trophies.
Shovel Knight would be great.
Waluigi maybe?


there is already like… 60 characters. is that too many?


That’s too many I reckon.

I’d like a decent single player component. Felt this was missing from Smash 4 which I ended up mostly playing online.

If it’s Smash 4 I hope they rejig the menu a bit. On the 3DS too many game modes were tucked away through endless sub menus.


So. Reddit has made a good comment.


There’s a few clones but not very many to be honest.
Must be a nightmare for the developers but the variety really makes it. One personal gripe is that there’s maybe too many swordfighters.
If you want Sonic I’m certain it’s nailed on as he’s been in the last two. Wouldn’t be surprised if we got Tails/Knuckles this time too.



Nothing from that Direct that excites me really, Mario Tennis looks fun though


Can you explain what this means? Not sure what the 3D world engine is - is this a good thing or bad thing? (n00b alert hehe)


Super Mario 3D world. Was the under appreciated Wii U installment that apparently now is ported to the Switch using the Captain Toad game, which was heavily based on it.


The Game Collection are selling Super Mario Odyssey for £34.95 and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for £29.95 (eBay outlet)


I think it would be brilliant on Switch for the multiplayer aspect alone :grinning:


Ooh tempting. I don’t have Odyssey yet.

Although I am half contemplating buying more games digitally, which surprised me. I’ve never had much problem with switching cds/cartridges before, but I do love the ease of clicking on a different game on the Switch, versus the mini-frustration of realising I have to go to the other room to change cartridges if it’s not in my Switch…

I’ve recently completed Zelda, although I imagine there’s still a fair few areas to discover, as well as some shrines I may have to search for using online guides. Not decided whether to go for the DLC yet or not, but I have loved the Zelda experience so far.

& have also recently completed Overcooked in two-player mode, which has been utterly brilliant and challenging at points. We still have the bonus levels to play next, and maybe go back over the earlier levels and see if they suddenly feel easy in comparison.


was in Argos earlier and I reckon I might have impulse bought a Switch if they had actually had any in stock. But they didn’t. Oh well.

(bought a DAB radio instead)