Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I still think the highlight of the DLC is the line on the map that shows you where you’ve been so you can go explore all the places that you haven’t. Very stingy that they left that out in the first place


I need to tell my nephew to stop drawing on my Hyrule map.


Also did we mention how mario tennis has essentially a Wii tennis mode! One of the few great motion control games.


yeah, i’m getting a switch ya’ll, and I’m going to kill every last one of you at smash.


Here’s a big version of the silhouettes from the Smash reveal. Some standout really clearly: Samus, Bowser, BOTW Link, DK. Feel free to speculate wildly on the others.


can see Marth, pikachu and kirby


Fingers crossed for an Ike return!


roy 4 lyf.


Roy’s your boy but I like Ike.




Iggy Koopa
Whisky woods
Wazoo Jr.
Mother Brain
Amy Rose
And apparently Totoro is hiding in the bottom right corner.


If his Smash attack isn’t the Cat Bus steamrolling someone I will be very disappointed!


I’ve never played a Super Smash Bros game, I don’t like beat-em-ups, is it going to be something I like?


Possibly. Watch some videos. Not really like a traditional fighter. It’s all about knocking them out of bounds. Lots of environmental hazards and items etc too.


Hopefully there’s a demo


Maybe… I don’t really do that genre, but though smash was great on the GC and Wii. Wasn’t able to get onboard with the last one though.


They might do. There was a demo for the 3ds version. It might still be on there if you have a 3ds and fancy a bash at it.


I do not have one of those but it gives me hope that there might be one.


If they’re launching their proper online with it (which would make sense) then there’ll probably be a “testfire” or two beforehand.


Here’s a compilation of a few trailers for the last version so it should give a flavour of it: