Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Yeah it’s more like a big, silly and frantic party game. Admittedly you benefit from learning combos and stuff so there’s some of the things that people find tedious about beat em ups.

Tbh I’ve barely played any of the iterations since the N64 one, so I’m not sure I’m qualified to comment (though I did play that a lot).




Not really played a super mash brothers game before. I tried he GameCube version I think? Didn’t understand it.


Aye it’s the Mario Kart of fighters with the items etc.
Obviously there’s a lot of depth as well for hardcore gamers.
There’s a good documentary series about pro Smash Bros Melle players on youtube:

P.S. So I guess this is why Gamcube controller functionality was added to Switch recently by ‘accident’ :wink:


Nintendo have put out a demo event for every multiplayer game they’ve released on Switch


With Smash, that event’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I really was not prepared for how much I love Celeste so far.


Smash’ll be a port of the wii u game

  • Yes
  • No

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Might be built on same engine as the wiiu version but not a port. BOTW Link and Inklings are different for a start plus if it was a port I don’t think Sakurai would be working on it.


this sounds really cynical and I WANT a new game, but no one bought the last one. why bother making a new game when its going to be new to tonnes of people anyway.


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U became the fastest-selling Wii U game in the U.S., with 490,000 physical and digital copies sold during its first three days of availability, beating the record previously held by Mario Kart 8 .[120] By the end of March 2015, over 1.6 million units had been sold.[121] By the end of December 2017, the 3DS version had sold 9.16 million copies worldwide,[122] while the Wii U version sold 5.32 million copies worldwide.[123]


This is why they’ll make a new version. It will sell well. :grinning:


okay, but mario kart 8 has sold…8 million copies since May 2014. The Switch port has sold nearly that much in 10 months…


Aye but the Switch already has more owners than wiiu ever had. Out of 14 million wii u’s sold almost half had a copy of Smash. Bear in mind sales would have been cannibalised by the 3ds version. Now I’m not saying it will beat MK8D sales wise but hard to see it doing poorly (and who cares what sells as long as it’s good) now that the dev team are focussing on one version and not being held back by 3ds limitations etc I think it could be very special. I think in ter!ms of dev time too it will be a new game as they were able to do the wiiu and 3ds games simultaneously within two and a half years.


well, fingers crossed anyway. I didn’t play a tonne of the wii u version of smash, so wouldn’t be devastated if it was a port, but y’know.


Oh aye same here. If they had just combined all the features of the wiiu and 3ds versions i would have been happy enough haha. They’ll probably do a full reveal at E3 and launch alongside the paid internet. Maybe smash was the reason paid internet was delayed.
Regardless fun times ahead :grin:


Off on holiday with the TV for a week in a couple of hours - what are some good 2 player fun games that aren’t Mario Kart please? Cheaper the better


Snipperclips is brilliant. My non gaming wife loved it.


Gf and i love overcooked.
Worms is still good.


Overcooked definitely.