Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I played Fortnite on my Switch. Didn’t kill anyone, hid in a wooden box the whole game, finished 3rd. Did I do good?


I fucking love it, but you need to be prepared to go a bit penoid with it. The story and characters are absolute nonsense. That isn’t the game. The game is optimising your characters and their equipment and stats, and then positioning and ability use on the tactical maps.

It’s RPG systems: the game. Off the top of my head, the main hub has bits where

  • I can make stat buff food
  • I can assign my units to squads
  • I can extract and combine “innocents” that live in some items, for different stat buffs
  • I can buy gear and consumables
  • I can upgrade my characters’ skills
  • I can lobby some assembly of demons to modify the basic rules of the game
  • I can obtain cheats. Actual cheats.
  • I can recruit custom made characters
  • Several things that are in game encyclopediae and achievement trackers
  • I can go “inside” any item in the game to level it up in a custom dungeon
  • I can go on an actual mission, i.e. the game

And that’s not even the bit where you, y’know, play the game.


:rage: absolutely despise this feature in RPGs.

BUT the rest sounds kinda good so i’ll probs pick it up (when it goes on sale).


There’s a demo. I can see why someone would absolutely hate it, and if you’re one of those people you’ll know it very quickly.


why are the penguins saying ‘dood’ instead of ‘dude’.


Mate they’re prinnies.




Christ, I’ve said it a few times but tropical freeze is hard. Unfair even? Got to the end of a level (4-5) and the barrel was under some boxes I’d never seen before. A bomb appeared, grew, blew up - and I died. At the fucking finish. I’ve now done the run to end ten times and each time I die. I can’t figure out what the game wants me to do! Fuck.

The World 3 boss was easy though, odd. Kept expecting it to kick up, then I beat it. Compared to that fucking Owl boss it was a price of cake.


'sup dude




what the hell is the deal with this stacking characters up mechanic :smiley:


Throws and tower attacks are absolutely key. Obviously.

(seriously though)


just beat the last boss. Took me probably 90 minutes


no way am I going to try and do all the secret levels


Yeah, this is up my street - will pick it up when it’s not like 50 euros


It’s permanently £35 or so on eBay.


Spanish eBay is dodgy af.

Saving my money for octopath anyway (on an RPG binge rn)


I’d really appreciate it if you just kept up this tactic, and became “the pacifist king of fortnite”

@sheeldz Can’t remember if I asked before, did you ever play the Wii Donkey Kong? Loved that game, so wondering if the difficulty levels are similar.


Thank you for these switch e-codes up above! Have quite merrily bought £50 of credit for £41.50!


Sweet! Done. Thanks…