Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I can’t quite recall that part. Do only the bits you touch blow up? Maybe you have to not touch them or jump in the air / hover to avoid getting hit. I’d YouTube it!


Cheers to you and @balonz


@wonton Never played Returns, even though I owned a Wii and I basically cried when it was announced. Honestly, by the time it came out I had already boxed my Wii up. I have heard that TF is better in every way that Returns mind.

@vamos Turned out you are to “ground pound” the crates. Honestly I’d never seen them before and not done that action on anything other than the big flowers. Wierd to throw that right at the end. I managed to beat the swimming World last night which was a bloody difficult one, the swimming mechanics are wildly different from the old games (A to go up, let go to float down) but I found the boss actually fair compared to others. Got first game over mind, wasn’t paying attention to the lives. The fifth World has been kicking my arse though - the cranes with the bombs are… Well, they’re cunts.


What the fuck am I meant to do in Fortnite? Played one game and barely saw anyone else


I have to say the funniest thing about Fortnite coming on Switch is exposing the out of touch OLD people.

Sincerely - Hip Child


Pickaxe things.


Haha, yeah I hear you.

I found I picked it up pretty fast after a couple of games, but I’ve no idea why people love it so or spend cash buying stuff in it.

Feels cheap and unfinished to me. Plus I don’t think I vaguely like it aesthetically. I play a lot of games because of how smooth movement is or how they control, and this felt nasty after Splatoon 2 and DOOM.

I guess people like it for the rush when the map shrinks and you’re down to the final ten players.


Just beat my fourth divine beast in Zelda, so going to do the DLC then head for Gannon. Not sure I can be bothered finding all the shrines, think I’m on around 80 and feel pretty OP as it is.


Don’t usually find Digital Foundry articles that interesting, as watching graphs of frame rate fluctuations and imperceptible dynamic lighting tweaks bore me rigid. I don’t think dropped frames in Shadow of the Colossus mattered one bit personally.

But seeing the design decisions taken to port Wolfenstein II is fascinating. Closing windows to cut down on draw distance, cutting corners on water due to the scarce amount of it in game… Really cool. Gonna pick this up imminently.


it’s an awesome game!


Can’t decide whether to wait a couple of months to save £10, or just jump in. Need something that doesn’t look like a SNES game in my life right now!


oh you won’t be getting Octopath Traveller in a couple of weeks then :wink:


Haven’t played the new demo yet. Good then?


no idea I’ve just seen videos of it and as someone who grew up on megadrive/PS1 JRPGs it looks gorgeous to me


This is me. Been playing DKCTF loads and Zelda, so this would be my first big non first party buy. Might wait til later in the year (as I really don’t see myself getting anything else major really).


Don’t know if the main story of Golf Story is grabbing me, but it’s really nice to just be able to open it up and play a quick round. :slight_smile:


It looks lush. That initial demo didn’t draw me fully in but it looks immense. Have a feeling from previews that it could be a big hit. I just personally can only handle one JRPG every couple of years or so. Find them such undertakings!


Reckon I’m on the final stretch now and it’s starting to slightly outstay it’s welcome, but broadly I’ve really adored it. Some great little mini games in some of the later levels but there is a formula to each stage which I’m beginning to get a bit tired of.


I felt that too… could do with cutting one of the courses/stages. I actually never finished it - the final round is hard as nails and just frustrating. I found it to be a fairly easy game up to this point, but a single wayward shot and you’re fucking basically. Couldn’t be arsed doing it over and over and eventually gave up. Still enjoyed the majority of it.


Played through the new demo yesterday and got even more drawn in than with the first demo. Great game and can’t wait till its out. Luckily save data from new demo carries over to main game.