Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Started on the Zelda DLC. The Champion’s Ballard is really tough!


Never beat the 3 Trials of the Master Sword, just the first 8 or so bits of it.


Not tried that yet. Will give it a go at some point, but kind of feel like I’m ready to beat the game and move on to something else (probably Xenoblade or Octopath). I’ll probably go and beat Gannon after the Champion’s Ballard and go back and do the rest of the DLC later in the year.


can’t stop playing stardew valley, whats wrong with me.

didn’t realize the season was changing and lost a about 4 grands worth of crops over night :frowning:


Nothing wrong with you, it’s insanely addictive!


Get a shit load of hops down, start brewing beer and rake in the $$$


got a line of hops growing rn :slight_smile: I was saving for the coop though :frowning:


Beer > chickens

You know this to be true!


Haven’t brewed beer yet as I didn’t have all the materials for a keg. Coop -> chickens -> eggs -> mayonnaise is a good profit spinner too


I’ve been looking at new games to buy and Cave Story+ was recommended, is this worth getting?


But you need a coop for ducks and ducks rule! Especially Quackers. She’s an absolute darling.


Supposed to be a bit of a classic, but not played it myself. What sort of thing do you fancy next?


It’s really fun but very short


I’m looking for a decent ‘Metroidvania’ type game or any rpg’s but i’m open to suggestions for anything if i’m honest.
Octopath Treveler looks right up my street so might save my money for that.


Give the new Octopath traveller demo a go. Just bear in mind all 8 stories may not be as interesting/appealing.
Personally I think it’s a brilliant game and over both demos have probably put about 8-10 hours in.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is very different and a bit more divisive but I loved it and sank about 170 hours into it. Watch a few youtube vids on the combat etc and see if it’s for you (and Japanese voices all the way, not a fan of the english dub at all)


Steamworld Dig 2 for your metroidvania itch


This did catch my eye and i’ve heard really good things about it, it’s also relatively cheap so i think this might be my next purchase.


I didn’t like it Gaz and I know how much you value my opinion.


Hollow Knight is THE Metroidvania on the platform. Audio, visuals and gameplay all on point and all combine to complement the story.
So much content for the price too! Could easily get 30+ hours out of it.


It’s been selling like hotcakes hasn’t it?
The price is very tempting so this is another contender for sure.