Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I grabbed it on PC originally and had no issue paying again for Switch.
Truly incredible game that would be reasonable at 3x the price.


Anyone played any of the Lego games. My son wants in. I was thinking City Undercover at £20. Would a (non-skilled at video games - only played Street Fighter on the SNES and some MK) be able to pick it up.


Yes. Its very straight forward


Follow the linesm amash the bricks. Build the solution to some simple puzzles. The building is automated an acheieved with holding the b button


The Lego games are pretty simple to pick up and most of them suit co-op multiplayer, so you can do any slightly tricky bits while your son smashes bricks.

City Undercover is a bit different to the others; it’s roots are in trying to be like GTA rather than just a bog standard simple platformer.


Cheers, that sounds good. Shame it is £50 in the online store.


Right, ordered for £18


So, for the first four games I got they were all physical versions. Zelda, Mario, MK8DX and Donkey Kong.

But damn digital is so much more convenient. Might be a convert.


Yeah fuck physical (apart from the Lego game which I just bought for £18 physical vs £50 digital).


gonna trade in DK for £31 cash though. I’ve gone back the other way, used to get all digital


Shit where is that?


CEX. Pretty sure you get similar at GAME too


Jings. That’s good. I’d feel bad doing it for Fathers Day reasons, but wow


METROIDVANIA suggestions are spot on.

Hollow Knight gets great reviews. I adored Steamworld Dig 2, though it’s a little different to a pure METROIDVANIA. Axiom Verge is very good too and a decent challenge. Cave Story fits this bill too from what I know of it.

Shovel Knight is also great. Slightly more of a platformer though.


Nintendo stuff seems to hold its value ridiculously well, so reckon it’s worth getting physical copies of the 1st party stuff.

Really lost interest in DK. On the last world so need to finish it so I can sell it and get something else :grinning:


Hmm I might trade it in towards getting Mario Tennis. Don’t think I’m going to get through it TBH


Think it’s time we had a new title for this thread now


Yeah I was trying to do all the secret levels but by the 5th world it got too hard and I just thought “fuck it” and finished it up as quick as possible


also like whilst the graphics are fine/good, the world design/variation is really pretty boring.

6 worlds of Jungle with the same enemies?!


Yeah same. I was getting all the KONG letters and unlocking everything, but just got a bit tired of it by World 5. I’ve generally enjoyed it, but wish I hadn’t paid £40 for it!