Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


this is the first physical release game i am tempted to go digital for that very reason, though i’d happily have paid an extra few pounds to cover the cost of the 32gb game cart. the digital vs. physical debate has been done before and its a personal preference - i just feel they are taking away the option here, which is a shame.


I feel like my purchase of a switch is like a game in development hell…keeps getting pushed back further and further :frowning:

At least there’ll be even more games to choose from (and a few will have hopefully dropped in price).

In other, better, news…Famitsu have given Octopath 36/40. That is incredibly encouraging.


I am absolutely loving Mushroom Wars 2. I downloaded it this morning and reluctantly had to tear myself away to go work, as I’m thoroughly enjoying sending hundreds of little mushrooms to their doom for glory. Will come back to it this evening!


just got my switch back and got a few games. thoughts:

Ikaruga: wanted this for years and years after seeing a glowing review in NOM when I was a teenager. Glad I never shelved out the £50 or whatever it cost back then. Pretty cool game/gameplay, but hate when arcadey style save/checkpoints are used on console games. Completely pointless, and annoying to just replay the opening levels over and over. I ended up playing through the proper game on infinite lives just so I could unlock the ability to play it chapter by chapter and do it properly, but felt like that ruined/cheapened it and I’ve had no real desire to go back since.

Overcooked: So great, ridiculous fun. Don’t think i’ve ever enjoyed a co-op game so much.

FIFA: Fine, but I find online gaming boring and doesn’t feel like “multiplayer”. Playing with the two joycons as separate controllers so bad it renders it pointless. Handles better on PS4.

Zelda: Looks amazing and I like what they’ve gone for, and it’s lovely to put on a podcast and play winding down at the end of the night. But personally find the vastness and lack of narrative kind of daunting and unsatisfying… doesn’t really feel like I’m ever making progress or doing what I should be. Personally prefer games more linear (but the actual gameplay/graphics can’t be faulted. gorgeous)


Bought the new Minecraft. I miss all the mods of the Java version, but it’s very soothing. I’ve spent hours already just building a small wooden bridge.


Total grandad comment here, but what is Minecraft? What is the story or gameplay loop?


The best analogue I can come up with is LEGO.

It’s basically an infinite sized survival sandbox where everything is a 1x1x1m cube. The gameplay aim is to find a portal, go through and kill the Ender Dragon, but that’s really by the by… It’s actually more about collecting resources from the world and creating things and what you make of it yourself.

Other features include pets, farming, dungeons, enemies, a basic logic gate system and a Hell type dimension.

On the PC version there’s mods to add technology, storage systems, automation, quests, adventures, new items and so on, but at the centre of everything is the 1x1x1 cube, which is why i liken it more to Lego than anything else.


playing Zelda again recently, something about the pastel coloured sunrises and the swaying grass, even though the textures and resolution etc aren’t great I’m struggling to think of a game that looks better.


wonder if there’s enough DiSers with it that we could get some kind of persistant world going.

Would LOVE to build some stuff with folks.

Hard to find the motivation alone because it takes so long to get anything big


For a moment I thought you meant in BotW! Imagine just cruising round Hyrule, ganging up together and smashing in @profk or whatever.


throw a can of Heinz soup on the cooking pot for him


Had no idea what Minecraft is, or what Fortnite was. Next thing you’ll be telling me that you have no idea what League of Legends or World of Warcraft is


The dream


I have minecraft, jus saying is all


It’s a really fucking long Stickman Youtube video as far as I can tell.


Aye, there’s always creative mode, but that takes all the joy of it it for me; the fun is in building with resources I found, not just building for the sake of it.


lifted from last year’s thread:

My radiohead church…that’s a stained glass version of the weird bear thing in the distance

2017-08-01_10.24.15.jpg2560x1440 800 KB

the church from the roof of my house

2017-08-01_10.30.03.jpg2560x1440 1.14 MB

the lighthouse

2017-08-01_10.30.07.jpg2560x1440 1.14 MB

the town windmill up on the mountain

2017-08-01_10.30.23.png2560x1440 1.15 MB

and my finest creation, badass pirate ship (took about 12 solid hours)!

2017-08-01_10.31.51.png2560x1440 917 KB

manning the cannons under the deck

2017-08-01_10.32.06.png2560x1440 608 KB



:raised_hand: would be well up for a persistent survival world. have tried this a few times with my brother on PC, always been great fun


i doubt even 10 of you motherfuckers would present a significant challenge.


And @Bamnan, @Yesiamaduck

Apparently you can only cross play on active worlds at the moment; you need Realms to do always on worlds which is coming with the next update. I’ll try and keep an eye on it.