Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


how does this work as in you can join someone else’s world if they’re already playing or you have to play some shitty global server where you have a 10ft space to build and everyone is an alt-right troll?


People’s personal worlds.

So at the moment, if I’m playing, you can join my world, but NAZILOVER420 can’t.

Once Realms for Switch launches if I get an account, it’s exactly the same, except you could join my world even if I’m not playing right now.


oh that’s ok!

I think Realms you have to pay a tenner a month to keep up anyway


I’ll happily start a DiS server once it goes live on Switch if there is enough interest.


BTW I sold Mario Kart so I’m afraid the DiS Room can never be updated

If you guys ever want to start playing again someone else will need to take the honors


yeah I should sell this too.

Might do a victory lap through all the cups and then flog it at CEX


Trade in value still a respectable £22


damn wish I still had my copy of Shining Force 2. £30!


Bought Minecraft on PS3 and enjoyed it a lot. Keen to re-buy for either Switch or PS4- what would you recommend?

Are the worlds still a finite area? Used to get a little irritated that they weren’t much larger.

Not sure if anything would have changed since I had the PS3 version, basically.


The biggest difference is that the PS4 doesn’t have the Bedrock Engine and “Better Together” features… primarily cross platform multiplayer and infinite world sizes. In terms of gameplay features they’re more or less the same.


I know what WoW is, mate of mine spent literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours losing his degree to it.

Not heard of League of Legends mind.


woah some of my old PS1 games are worth MONEY!!!


Holy shit, you built all that!? Oh my god.


yeah we had a whole little town, me and a couple of mates, I built most of the stuff and they did the mining and adventuring. Had 3 houses, the church, windmill, stables, farm and greenhouse, gatehouse, lighthouse, beach with deck chairs and the pirate ship.

Really fond memories of last summer dicking about building all this stuff with them and chatting on steam :slight_smile:


Switch version because it’s portable, and has cross play features so you can play with people on mobile/switch/pc/xbox

PS4 is the worst version now by default because they are currently the baddies in video games and aren’t playing nice,


Bought Wolfenstein II tonight. Despite not quite finishing Golf story yet. Or being far into the Splatoon 2 DLC. Or scratching the surface of Ikaruga. Or even opening Wulverblade, Severed or Sexy Brutale. Oops…


All right then, I’ll get Minecraft, stop fucking banging on about it, jesus.


The second Octopath Traveller demo has completely sold me on the game. The art style is incredible and so far the individual stories are pulling me in (started with the dancer and found the Knight).

I’m intrigued at how the eight stories pull together (or if, they must right?). In any case, this is day one for me. Smyths Toys again doing a great pre order deal if you can collect it in-store (35 quid).


Anyone else on Yoku’s? It’s fun but fuck me I hate the release on those spinning flowers.


I really want it, but have a fuck ton of games I’m halfway through, so holding out for a little sale.