Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Hey gang

Do I need any particular ID to sell games in CEX?


US Marine dogtags


Also, the Splatoon 2 OctoExpansion DLC is FUCKING NAILS.


Photo ID from memory, don’t need proof of address.


Thank you Ducko



Thanks for nothing @Balonz


Cheers Col, so to confirm, the worlds are now infinite a la PC version, instead of the pre-set size that was present on the PS3 version?


Don’t come crying to me when they ask for your dogtags!


On the Switch, yes. They’re not on PS4 and potentially never will be.


Could anybody give an opinion on Mario Tennis Aces? I don’t think I was that bothered to get it, but my wife has shown interest and we have some friends who would probably quite like to play with us occasionally. Thing is is my wife is kind of basing that interested on Wii Tennis (and that she likes the look of it in the adverts). I suspect this will play much differently to Wii Tennis after the reviews I’ve seen, though it’s still supposedly a good game.

Does each player need a whole joycon pair to play? That would mean 2 players max for us. Or is there a single joycon mode where you don’t control movement like Wii Tennis? Is it a good party game or is the system overcomplicated to pick up and play?


Dunno about the joycons or multiplayer but the demo was fun and nothing like wii tennis. I’m hoping my copy turns up today.


Picross revelation: you don’t have to click for every square, just hold the button down and move the cursor!


you can play on single joycons. single payer is really hard in parts.
its much deeper technically than wii sports and the waving your hands about thing is a bit shit and a tiny part of the game


so, compared to Wii Sports the motion controls are bad or simpler maybe? Or is it just that there’s just much more to this game? Is playing motion only alright for party game situations?


its these really…
Ive not given it much time. you can only use motion controls in a 1v1/multiplayer aspect… not in the campaign. and then when using them you lose the option to do all the crazy shots and tactics… its just swinging your arm about :man_shrugging: dunno ive not given that mode enough attention tbh because it seemed a bit shit. theres options where you can change the ball size to make it easier, courts to change the amount of bounce etc. I think it notices if you go for a fore or backhand :man_shrugging:

but the single player and the general game is as good as a tennis game can get imo.


Ok thanks. I wouldn’t play it like that normally, just might be good to try 2v2 without the needs for 8 joycons!


There is a mode which is identical to wii tennis


Okay, I’m just going to encourage everyone to get Mushroom Wars 2 - I think I must have played it a good 8 or so hours since getting it yesterday. It’s sort of a mix of Advanced Wars, Pikmin, and Command & Conquer. I’m loving the single player so far, and then decided to try out the online multiplayer which is immensely addictive. I think I would have been happy to pay full price for this game, never mind the ten or so pounds it was.
Get it!


gotta be careful that way, could make a mistake!


Hollow Knight sold 250,000 copies on Switch in 2 weeks