Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


People I trust and regard highly all say this is great, and it’s out soon:


Was getting a bit frustrated with not knowing where to go on Hollow Knight, but just done the Soul Master fight which was great so all is forgiven.


Sent my joycon in for repair today. Hope it fixed and fairly quickly.
Definitely getting Octopath next week. Okami Hd out on 8th August for £15 :blush::pray:


Sure, there’s the odd bit of grainy texture, glitchy hair or soft round the edges face, but on the whole, I’m spending these opening hours of Wolfenstein II with my jaw agape and wondering how the hell this is running on a handheld machine.


That’s a great price for that game. Tempted to double dip for that!


Well tennis is fun. I doubt I’ll use swing mode unless we’ve got people round, standard mode is where it’s at. Wife is on board with that too, we’ll get some miles out of it. Also got a mate further away who’s got it so we can play online.

One think, why isn’t standard tennis score (0, 15, 30, 40 etc} used in multiplayer, it’s first to 6? Odd decision and can’t seem to change it. Single player had it when I played.


Yeah I don’t get it either myself…

But at least the game of tennis it delivers is fantastic, oddly it’s like 50% metere management.


Well you can always turn off the meter shenanigans. We’re still getting used to the meter, went back to the tips section to study all the shot types and it started to make more sense


Oh the game is much better with the meter shenanigans, makes it feel more like a fighting game and adds several levels of strategy. It’s satisfying to get the upper hand and start bullying down the opponents meters and then blowing them out with zone shot after zone shot is super rewarding .

Boo’s spin shots and Bowser Jr’s reach are OP though, they need to fix that.


Loved smashing the TVs racket (ooh-er) to win the game :smile:


My tennis just turned up and my sister and niece are staying all weekend so but going to get near it… Aaarrggfhhh


Just played my first twenty minutes of hollow Knight. Got really deep down and then died. No idea if I was heading in the right direction. Loved it.


The game Destiny wants to be ‘Warframe’ is coming to Nintendo switch and the port is being handeled by the team that did Doom and Wolfenstein 2. Its a great game and free to play. Its a loot n shoot game for those 1who havent played ot before and has quietly been becoming one of the best free to play titles since 2013.

This is great news as i think itd be a great game to play docked whilst having something on the tele/listening to podcasts.


I’m up to a boss and they’re kicking my arse and it’s a long way back each time but this is a great game


so would you recommend? is it a fun game, or more just a technical marvel?


It’s a really fun blockbuster movie and I would recommend it if you have no other system to play it on. Otherwise it’s probably best enjoyed on a beefier machine on a large screen. The gameplay is serviceable, not as fun or fluid as Doom and pretty darn difficult in places.


The bosses are tough, but it’s really satisfying when you get them down.


Late to the party, but just got Mario Kart. Are people still playing online?


@profk, your dreams have come true