Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Sounds good to me :smiley:


This does a good job of summing up why I loved Captain Toad Treasure Tracker so much: the addictive secondary objectives.


This is why I’ve pre-ordered despite owning on Wii U; I never got very far into the game but it was delightful.


Ha, they fixed the Realms pricing, Still only £20, so I’ve gone for it :slight_smile:

You should be able to join with this link;


Awesome. Will download minecraft back on my switch tonight


A reminder to make sure you download the new Bedrock version, not the old one you had before. You can transfer your old worlds if need be.


ah it says it’s invalid :frowning:


I think the 5 might be an S at second look… If that doesn’t work, I’ll add people by gamertag instead.


awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


nice house!


How do crates work on rocket league?


From memory, you need keys to open them.


What does that mean?


You need to be rewarded keys or buy them to open chests. They basically use cosnetics as a means to keep future updates free whilst making a tidy profit.


Wish you could turn off the replays on Mazza Tennis.


But you buy the key but Dont know what you’ll get? What kind of shit is that?


Welcome to gaming in 2018


Anyone joining DiSCraftia, there’s a chest, crafting table and furnace by spawn with a load of rubbish I’ve gathered and some old tools etc. All fair game as far as I’m concerned.

If you farm the wheat then please replant :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, my Switch is l;eaving the house for the first time ever at 4.15. Please wish it luck.


Octopath sitting at 85 on Metacritic, pretty high for a JRPG. In any case, I was always going to grab it based on the visuals, the two demos just made it day one.
Only real grips are grinding to level up (expected) and no major converging plot (slightly disappointing, but fairly expected).