Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Had a whole afternoon at home with four kids while it was pouring with rain at the weekend, two of mine and their two cousins, aged from 7 to 13. Set them up playing Mario Kart 8 on the big screen with the switch and they had an amazing time.

This morning i played hollow Knight handheld in bed.

I still love that it was the same machine that did both these things.


Only 2 million sales behind the GameCube. This is incredible. I really think a lot of PS4 / XBONE owners are buying Switches as a second console due to its unique qualities.





I finished the Mario Odyssey story the other day. I enjoyed it, but feel like I used hardly any of the move set to get through the game.

Do you need to use more of it to chase down harder to get power moons etc? Not sure I can be arsed hunting them down if it’s just more of the same.


good game but it’s no Mario Galaxy 2


My last Mario experience was on the SNES.


After I beat bowser (would spoiler this but it’s mario ffs) I felt much the same, didn’t really feel the need to continue


Yeah I think that’s where I’m at with it. Might be nice to leave it on a high rather than grinding stuff until I’m bored with it.


I did the same with Zelda - could’ve done a bunch more shrines and dlc but I was a bit worn out by then


Aye Im on like 800+ moons. You can get 999 total and it gives some cool visual reqrds but nothing amazing and can’t be arsed. Plus without the moons left the world feels a bit aimless.


Short answer: yes, in some cases

Long answer: It’s probably worth going back to each world a couple of times if you haven’t already, but if collecting moons for the sake of doing extra and different types of challenges isn’t doing it for you then it’s probably not worth it.


I got up to about 850 so before it became a massive massive grind and I couldn’t be arsed. Glad that I did go back because some of the moons I missed were spectacular. In fact I’d say just try to 100% Metro Kingdom*, as that’s where the best things in the game are.

*Except the skipping rope challenge. Fuck that.


The skipping rope is a nightmare. When I completed it I felt like I was a jedi or something.


I think the major misstep of Odyssey was not really signalling that many of the games best moments come post-credits. Sure, some of the tasks get repetitive and searching out tiny glowing specks to ground pound isn’t amazing, but I’d certainly revisit each world a few times. I’m still finding whole, inventive 2D sections and sub-worlds 8 months later. Genuinely found my favourite new level in the game at the weekend, and I’m 793 moons in.

And also, yes. In terms of using the new platforming abilities, the post game seriously makes demands of you and your move set. You’ll regularly see moons and pipes that initially seem impossible to get to. The Koopa races also transform.

Basically, up to the credits, a fun, fairly easy retro look back on Mario aimed at casual players and kids. Post credits, an open world feast of ideas and some serious platforming demands, alongside a handful of tedious pixel hunts.


I think the major misstep was putting so much of the best (and most challenging) stuff after the credits. The tricky 2D bits just serve to remind you - Mario games were hard when we were kids and you had to try a huge number of times to beat bits of levels. No one was complaining. Sure, have an assistant mode to help young kids, but don’t hide anything remotely challenging behind the ending

The actual story was frequently beautiful, delightful and spellbinding, but also pretty simple and short to play through. And the incentive to find all the bits post-credits just isn’t really there. Which means all that content is kind of wasted


Agree with this.

The game is an absolute joy and I love it but I feel like there was no real reason to have it end so quickly and remove the impetus for continuing with it when there was so much amazing content in the post-game. Really odd decision IMO.


Aye. You could be done with the main story in an area so quickly, without really exploring the depths of it. I certainly felt that I was moving on before I’d really covered the zone. It would have been better to require players to get more moons in those areas to progress and maybe give more incentives to go back to areas to search for more moons before the end of the story than leave it all to the end


Yeah I agree.

It’s taken my months of dipping in and out to get 790 odd moons. I 100%ed 64 and both Galaxies in a week. Think the structure of the game contributed hugely to that.