Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


C-c-c-c-co-cai… :sleeping:


Should I buy Skyrim? I want something involved but will I be disappointed after BotW? It is £50 on the store… Please advise.


50 quid for skyrim is daylight robbery, man.


I’ve got 40+ in credit. I need something. Help me.


would be more tempted to go for octopath if you NEED something.


Played the demo. Gash. Or not to my tastes or whatever.


Might go larping


Oxenfree. And youll have about 38 left


Played about 15 minutes and got bored. Don’t think I like dialogue or too much plot in games. BotW was perfect, any more is too much. Maybe I’m just a bad person.


It does seem steep charging that much for a ten year old game but on the other hand I’ve probably had more hours of fun per pound on skyrim than almost any other game I’ve spent money on.


Aarrrgggghhhh maybe I should get it… I dunno.


I ploughed 110 hours in to Skyrim. Definitely got my money’s worth.

I think it’s been up for sale a couple of times though so hold off for now.



Do I get Picross S or Picross S2?


Where is @Jeremys_Iron because it is go time, pal


First one is only £6 or £7 I think and it has quite a few hours in it. Then get the next one.


Ok I just bought it for £38.50 new on eBay with that 10% code.


ENJOY! :grinning:


Now what do I spend my £40 credit on…


Horse armour


Serious answer… Best things I’ve played on switch

Bayonetta 2
Hollow Knight

All 9/10 games for me