Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov




Dunno about you lot, but I’m ITCHING for more Smash Bros patch notes…


Why do none of you like smash? Weirdos!


Never played it.


I’m hugely excited for Smash, but these pre release, patch note extravaganzas are way over the top.


Smash is fine. Best as a party game though and like Overcooked, I have no one to play it with these days.


In theory I should.

Huge roster of gaming characters from my lifetime, amazing visuals, best fan service I’ve seen in a series, huge amount of content, great cut scenes, local multiplayer, best soundtrack in a game possibly ever… but I just find the core gameplay a bit boring? And the online barely worked in the Wii and Wii U versions.

I’m glad so many people love it. Just don’t get it myself.


You know Luke Overcooked? He graduated from the same class in military academy as me.


Shit for twats


In other news, still no update on Dark Souls. Rumour from Italy is that it’s been delayed until October now.

Wonder what the hell is going on there?

Was a bug found? Is it connected to the online service? Did BandaiNamco hold it back until Q4 to give their end of year sales figures a boost? Was there some deal with another partner they’d overlooked?

So odd… People had preview copies and had played it at PAX.


Reddit folk say it is, maybe, due to the game breaking ability to pause the game using the Home Button preserved state game thing.

I don’t know, Dark Souls is shit for twats.


Is it a patch though? I mean, they’ll probably be announcing some new modes, maybe this will also give us further detail on the online service, and right at the end give us a “One More Thing…” Animal Crossing announcement.


I wouldn’t expect anything non-Smash; it’s a Smash Bros. Direct, not a Nintendo Direct, and they rarely if ever talk about anything off topic on their game specific ones.


I was being a bit facetious, but I certainly am not expecting any other game announcements at a Smash centric direct.

I’d be delighted to be wrong.


Tune in 8/8

Japanese word for eight: hachi





New FM announced.

@Antpocalypsenow Switch version confirmed?



Oh, didn’t see that from Miles.

I mean it was top of the charts for ages. Ages! I’d assume it’d be a dead cert. But of course, you can neither confirm nor deny…


This is very much the case