Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Just like last year I’ll take that as confirmation


I mean all they need to do is updated the player database with the database editing tool they use for all their games :smirk:


Oh this was the big anouncment

Manager Man has appeared on the cover of Football Manager since FM 2005. Now, he’s finally retired.

Here’s to you, Manager Man. We’ll never forget your nostrils.

That’s it, shut up shop. Football Manager is dead, unless you go back to putting a Mitre ball on the front cover


Won’t someone please think of Football Manager in Sonic Racing Transformed?


Smash Bros is fucking brilliant.


Started Skyrim. Hasn’t really grabbed me yet and I think I wandered off too far as giants keep smashing me into the air. Plus I keep picking up loads of shit, there is just so much of it everywhere. Maybe I need to read the Skyrim thread on the old boards.


Manager Man for Smash confirmed?


Final Smash is being sacked after the second losing match following a run of ten games unbeaten.


Im kinda over roguelikes but Dead Cells looks bloody awesome…


I’m not sure I’ve ever played one, plus I’ve never extensively played Dark Souls or Hollow Knight, so conversely have been waiting for this for months. I’ll be on it asap tomorrow.


I have no idea what a roguelike is, but fuck me is this game getting pumped on Reddit. Man, almost every thread is about it.


92/100 on Metacritic right now… hmmm… might have to look into this.


The IGN crew I really rate, Brian Altano and Philip Mucin, are both head over heels with it. Devoted a two hour live stream to it this week to help it get more attention.

The animation looks sublime and by all accounts it’s combat is up there with Bayonetta and the Souls series.



Fuck… Preordered.


I’ve pre-ordered it also just now. Not sure if it will be my thing, but may as well give it a purchase whilst it’s 20% off today.


whatever review/thread i read is like, “we’re all burnt out on roguelikes but…”

now i’m far from a serious gamer, but i’ve literally never heard of one game mentioned in the wikipedia article about roguelikes


Enter The Gungeon, Binding Of Issac, Spelunky, Toejam & Earl, Rogue Legacy, Faster Than Light etc etc etc


Though to be fair you’d probably be more likely burned out on them if you play PC games as a lot of them are in that vein and have been for like 8 years


Ah heard of some of those. But as a genre seems mostly burnt out by the mid 90s before some sort of revival