Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


It’s because after you play a few you sort of wish the games sort of had structure to it, and handcrafted world design and not just a random collection of prefab bits. Doesn’t help a lot of people use procedural world design poorly. Though when done right the replay value can be huige.

I like to call them multiplayer games for people who don’t like multiplayer. As in you’ll repeatedly play the same game over and over and it becomes your ‘palate cleanser’ where you incrementally get better.


good roguelikes:

Binding of Isaac - buuuut it has a terrible aesthetic and is actually kinda boring to play just about the item combos really

Nuclear Throne - Amazing combat and that Vlambeer feel but it’s dead hard.

Slay The Spire - Great deck building roguelike, a lot of random luck involved though but it’s a pretty chill experience due to it’s turn based nature

all the others I’ve played have been at best average and often really hollow and soulless feeling due to the procedural generation.


Really looking forward to Okami later this week, never played it back in the day.

Recently I’ve been playing Kona which is a first person adventure game where you’re a private investigator in a town hit by a blizzard. It doesn’t quite merge it’s supernatural leanings and survival pragmatism very well. Great tone though and rifling through people’s houses is satisfying and creepy. Kind of game worth playing in a sale but not the easiest to recommend outside of that.

Much more effective is Detention, a short Taiwanese horror that is really really cool. Side scrolling with some light puzzle solving and non-frustrating stealth sections. Cool story and very good imagery. Doesn’t rely on trite scares either and has some really good unsettling moments. Kind of wish I’d payed full price for it just to support the developer more!

There’s a bunch of other games I’m meaning to play that I’m slowly getting round to. I can understand why some would be disappointed, but I’m quite happy with what the Switch has because there’s a lot of these “smaller” games where it’s just really great to be able to have them in handheld mode


Basically Nuclear Throne is the only good roguelike


Have fun with Okami. It’s a wonderful game in the most part, full of ideas, characters and gorgeous art. Hope a whole new generation come to love it.


Really hope it sells great on Switch and Capcom are convinced to do an HD version of Okamiden. Incredibly overlooked sequel.


Same cracked and pre ordered with the 20% off.


Never played any of them. I did longly gaze at the Toejam and Earl box back in the Mega Drive days, but never played it.

I have a feeling I really won’t want to play it.


I bought the fucking game too


me too!


(Hope it’s not really shit now)


Still think developers are mad for not putting some quality Xbox 360era ports out. There is a HUGE gap in the market for 3rd person adventure games on the Switch.

Tomb Raider, Enslaved, GTAV, Arkham games, Just cause, etc. Reckon they’d all sell well if sold for £30 or so.


Ah. So about that…

Seems Filip may have indulged in a bit of plagiarism in his Dead Cells IGN review:

Which is a shame, if true. Seems a decent guy.

In other news, played an hour of the game last night and I’m not sure I know what’s going on, but I enjoyed it a lot.


Sure looks kinda true. Far too many coincidences.

I dislike NVC after they went to the live TV format. Seemed far more podcasty but not it just sounds like what it is now, audio only from a low grade chat show with bros acting off for the camera.


Yeah I agree, it’s not been the same since it also became a live show. More like a news round up now. Guess there’s revenue in YouTube though that there isn’t in a podcast.


Woke up at six to get a cheeky 30 mins of Dead Cells in. Great so far, movement feels very fluid and I like the general feeling it gives off. Can see some hours being poured into this.

There seems to be the options for a daily run, but it isn’t unlocked for me yet. Hopefully with the amount of us that now have the game, it’ll be score based!


I will FUCKING RUIN* you all!

*die immediately to dropping something on my own head like I used to do most days in Spelunky


How brutal is it? I have the day off but I’m with my five year old and not sure if it’s suitable or if I can convince him to watch half an hour.


It didn’t seem all that graphic in terms of blood and such, but you are hacking apart shambling monster type things.
If he isn’t too squeamish about that stuff (and you think it is ok), I can see it being engaging enough to watch.


Cool. Will see if I can convince him with the bribe of a slush puppy.